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July 3, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Obama’s backbone has flown away

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We all know politicians have no shame. However, who would think that they were so shameful that they would actually throw a hissy fit because they had to wait in line like normal people to catch a plane?

They held a special session to keep the air traffic controllers working — a situation they created with the sequester — so they can be home in time for dinner.

Just as shameful is President Barack Obama’s willingness to go along with and sign this monstrosity. Obama should have told them, “No, not unless we do something to help the rest of the country get through these hard times.” He folded to the rich and powerful and turned his back on the weak and vulnerable.

Who is advising Obama? Didn’t they tell him how disgraceful this would look? Oh well, I guess winning re-election didn’t mean he would actually grow a backbone.

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  1. You're right Freeman. I agree with you. This economy is slowly coming out of the doldrums not because of this President's policies but despite them. [Thank you House GOP].

    Carmine D

  2. wordofgod,

    You went too far when you implied that CarmineD is racist in your 3:33am post so consequently, I flagged your comment for review and removal by the LVS moderator.

  3. People seem to miss the actual (non) impact of Obama's signature on the bill. For, the bill had broad bipartisan support and would have gone into effect with or without Obama's signature. And, the votes were there to overturn a veto.

  4. El_Lobo@5:40,

    Yes, let's review Hoover's "Do Nothing" policy record:

    Norris-La Guardia
    Maintaining prices and wage rates
    Credit expansion
    The largest tax increase in U.S. history
    et al...

    Hoover didn't advocate laissez-faire, he attacked it like a hound-dog on a ham bone.

    It was this massive government intervention that drove unemployment to 25% and created the Great Depression. Roosevelt merely expanded it and prolonged it further.

  5. I have to agree with the author on this topic. The president should have cut some sort of deal with Republicans to help the working class before signing that bill.

    El_Lobo - "Sort of the 1929-1932 approach that was used by Herbert Hoover in dealing with the Great Depression..."

    And all of those defending right wing Republican stances will be whining again when the banks crash the economy. Financial disparity is the greatest it's been since the roaring 20's and banking practices are driving the market to new highs. When the crap hits the fan who do you think will pay for it all? Once again, those on the right are terrible at diagnostics and analytical thinking and can't see the hand writing on the wall. Wall St. will cause another great recession or depression and most people are ignoring the symptoms.

  6. Future - "Obama conceived the the sequester bill (The Obama Budget Control Act of 2011) to resolve the debt limit process in 2011 and Obama SIGNED THE SEQUESTER BILL August 2, 2011."

    Once again the prophet of Planet Bizzarro speaks, "it's all Obama's fault!" and is wrong again. Sequestration was designed in 1985 by Phil Gramm under the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act. Future also ignores the fact that 174 House Republicans and 28 Senate Republicans voted for sequestration. Gramm is also responsible for pulling out the stoppers that controlled banking by repealing the Glass Steagall Act.

    Future has a lot of chutzpah whining about someone else name calling, when almost everday he rants some far right delusional-off-the-wall-nonsense about the "evil guy" in the White House.

    "They are blinded by their own self-righteousness. And this explains their over-the-top aggressive rages. They have very little capability of being self-critical or self-analytical in any fashion. They are zealous and aggressive in pursuing the policies of the authorities to which they've committed, whether it be religious or political, or the compilation of the two." - John Dean

  7. Fellow Commenters of both stripes,

    I respectfully request that you recognize that the elite's goal of "divide & conquer" is on display daily in society, as is evidenced on these forums. Please stop disagreeing about the trees and take a good wide & critical view of the forest.

    When you are ready to move forward against the rich and powerful, please send me an e.mail. I will be a champion of your causes.

    Warm regards,

  8. How interesting to see some of our fellow commenters complaining that when things are bad its the Presidents fault.

    When some good has been done for the country such as the economy slowley improving its not because of the Presidents polices.

    Where and when should we give praise or ctiticism to any sitting President on his policy decisions,good or bad?

    Could it be some of our commenters responses are being made along party lines and nothing more.

  9. "It was this massive government intervention that drove unemployment to 25% and created the Great Depression. Roosevelt merely expanded it and prolonged it further."

    Facts and reality elude some. I wonder how it's possible to negate real events and history inserting or distorting what actually happened. The fact that bankers and traders on Wall St. gambled at their hearts content doesn't cross these empty headed minds at all. It coincides with living on a flat planet, humans rode dinosaurs, we faked the moon landings, the planet is only 10,000 years old, lizard people live among us, Obamacare will plant a micro chip in you, if you aren't a Christian you must be a communist, Hitler didn't exterminate over 10 million people, witches and warlocks placed spells on us, exorcisms are needed, faith healing works, some guy on TV will cure all your ills for a $400 donation, etc., etc., etc.

  10. Disgraceful period. Nothing about the sequester precludes an executive order to MINIMIZE the impact on essential government services--like shifting money within an agency from one program to another.

  11. VidiVeritas - "Where were you when the relentless attacks on President Clinton and First Lady Hilary started and ended?"

    It makes me laugh when these clowns on The Hill keep dragging out impeachment, Iran-Contra and Watergate. All of which were embarrassing Republican failures making the party look like fools and idiots.

    My mom would say "things change but remain the same." Seems she was right.

  12. VidiVeritas: "You have FDR's policies/Acts confused with Hoover."

    I seriously doubt that.

    First of all, the stock market crash was unavoidable just like every other unsustainable boom driven by the Fed's easy credit/expansionary policies which create market distortions and malinvestment that--at some point--must be liquidated.

    The belief that FDR saved capitalism from itself and that Hoover stood by and did nothing is a myth and the cornerstone of continuing Progressive anti-capitalist propaganda.

    Ok, I was wrong on Glass-Steagall.

    I agree, Smoot-Hawley was a great hindrance to the recovery. Nearly all of the nation's economists signed a letter imploring him not to sign it into law. The main proponents of Smoot-Hawley were the Progressive bloc.


    Despite the credit-fueled boom during the 20's, there was no price inflation. In fact prices fell slightly over the period.

    In a free market, increases in productivity serve to lower costs and prices thereby spreading the fruits of an increased standard of living to all consumers. However, the Fed's inflationist policy of maintaining a stable price level negated those benefits of increased productivity. It is precisely that inflationist policy--particularly credit expansion--that causes increased income disparity.

    It has been a great misconception--one that still plagues us today--that it is wage rates which determine purchasing power. This is wrong, and it is wage rigidity which directly affects the unemployment rate. It is increases in productivity, in higher living standards that increases purchasing power.

    When an inflationary boom can no longer be sustained, the bust must include falling prices and falling wage rates for markets to clear quickly and unimpeded.

    The Depression was the first time that wage rates were not allowed to fall during a period of deflation. It is estimated that the labor market's disequilibrium due to Hoover's wages policies accounted for 18% of the 27% decline in GDP by the fourth quarter of '31.

    Hoover's anticapitalist/interventionist tendencies have been well-documented since before 1920.

  13. It is truly sad that so many are driven purely by hatred and ideology. Even in our advanced information age, we allow our judgement to be clouded by ideology and politics.

    We can find numerous differing accounts and interpretations of American history that are the foundations of those ideologies.

    The founders wanted to create and establish a place for liberty of all individuals. It established a government to protect that liberty. It enumerated those powers and warned about the possible abuse of those powers.

    It didn't take long for those fundamental ideas to be misinterpreted and distorted, thus giving ever-widening scope and power to the central authority. I don't need to quote Lord Acton here, because we all know what he said.

    As the central authority has grown and has given evermore power unto itself, it has been necessary to shape the ideological thoughts and beliefs of the growing population. Our institutions of higher learning were commandeered by intellectual elites to provide cover and legitimacy to the state. We are taught to worship the state and its benevolence. Political idolatry has blinded this country. We're completely addicted, and incapable of conceiving the possibility of any other reality.

    This country has been hobbled by ideology, and either unable or unwilling to seek out the truth of what ails us. Hopefully it won't take a total economic collapse for people to open their eyes.

  14. El_Lobo@8:07,

    Let me just say that judging by his ever present vitriol, I don't think Vidi is an objective source on objective sources.

    Also, I don't read extreme right-wing blogs as I am not conservative or republican. I am a Libertarian and a student of the Austrian economic school. Now I am aware that some would call the Austrians and "an extreme-right think tank funded by Koch bros" or whatever. Those claims are unfounded. The Austrians don't shill for any political party, and are just as critical of republicans as they are of democrats. It is not a blog or a think tank. It is an academic institution of scholarly work in economic theory, economic history, philosophy, and policy analysis.

    Both Mises and Hayek predicted TGD. But, just like Peter Schiff and Ron Paul, they were laughed at by the rest of the punditry. And since Keynesianism gives legitimacy and intellectual cover for the interventionist state, the Austrians have been systematically marginalized.

    One of the main reasons I was drawn to the Austrians is that despite what "many historians' say, the fact is that it doesn't always jibe with economic history. And the Austrians do their research with that in mind.

    As far as my previous claims; as I have said, one can go to any number of websites and get differing accounts of history. I'm not claiming to be 100% correct, but as I have been going to this site since 2001, I trust it more than any other. And I do seek out alternate sources to satisfy my own critical mind.

    Anyway, thanks for the consideration of my viewpoints in the name of intellectual discourse. It was unexpected. And quite refreshing. I'd also like to know what you think of if you get the time.

  15. " in other words, Carmine believes that doing nothing as the GOP House did is the way to go...."

    Let me speak for myself and not you for me. I believe principled opposition IS Congress' job, as in the House GOP with Benghazi and IRS scandal. If you knew your history about the New Deal Democrat Congress in '36 you'd already know that fact. Time for lessons.

    Carmine D

  16. The only lesson I learn from you, Lobo lad, is sympathy for your teachers.

    Carmine D

  17. Carmine, you're being funny again. Thanks.

  18. Vegas Pat 11:24. Well said. Some just can't figure out that it's not about Dems or Reps or conservative or liberal. It's about REALITY.

  19. Pat Graves: your history is written according to AM hate radio guidelines. Joseph Goebbels had the same talent.

  20. Roslenda:

    You're welcome. The IG of the Treasury who issued the report about the I.R.S. scandal is Mr. Russell George. Do you remember me mentioning him here on a post to you? He is already being attacked as a Bush appointee. But what you don't hear and read is that he is an African American.

    Carmine D

  21. EL Lobo,Teamster,

    Your banging your heads against the wall if you think you can convince the two Republican shills with facts. The shills dance around true facts and reply with nonsense and slowly drift away from what's the real subject that is being discussed.

    This is why the Republican party has lost so many life long voters to the Democrats.They have no platform,and continue to stab in the dark.

  22. You're in good company Sam Pizzo. You know what the old Italians use to say: Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you what you are.

    Carmine D

  23. Thank you Jeff,I will LGBN

  24. ByChuck333,

    Don't be so thinned skinned, I see no malice in what Jeff has said.I have been called a lot of different names by fellow commenters in the past.From commenters who can't convince me to agree with them on a particular subject,so they lower themselves to name calling. We all had relatives that fought and died in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. Not to mention the brave men and women who fought and died in Afghanistan and Iraq,of every nationality, everyone of them true patriots and all Americans.

  25. Smart those old Italians. They knew what they were talking about.

    Carmine D

  26. "ever watch the Godfather? Remember keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

    The catch is Chuck333, you have to be smart enough to know who is who. Some live a long life and never do. Except them old smart Italians. They did.

    Carmine D

  27. Actually Jeff, one of my Army duties was the boxing team. If my nose wasn't broke with all the fights, words won't do it. Especially yours.

    Carmine D

  28. Always wore head gear. Required by the rules of amateur boxing even for U.S. Army boxing team. Sparring and bouts. If the shoe fits....

    Carmine D

  29. In your case, it would not have helped. The damage was done at birth.

    Carmine D