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April 18, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Visitor pining for ‘old Las Vegas’

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I have been coming to Las Vegas for the past 25 years, and never have I been so disappointed in my life as I was this past trip at the end of April.

There were people passed out on the sidewalks and people begging for money everywhere.

What has happened to your town? It wasn’t quite this bad when I was there in November. I usually come two times a year, but I think I will go to Reno or Atlantic City on my next trip.

I miss the old Las Vegas.

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  1. They are called homeless and pan handlers. Every major U.S. city has both. Vegas is no different.

    Carmine D

  2. "Vegas is no different"

    That's too bad! All the pyramids, Italian canals, and French skylines really don't make us different no matter how much we try.

  3. Jim:

    Be realistic. Pyramids are hot and dirty and after all are just big old rocks. The Italian canals have rats and are going bankrupt from loss of city inhabitants. And the French skylines can't compare to ours here in the U.S.A. Look for the good in any city and you'll find it. Look for the bad, and you'll get it.

    Carmine D

  4. There are a lot of haves and have nots in Vegas. It's just the truth. It's the economy, it's people's dependence. It's a lot of things. Places change.

  5. I'm surprised that that our visiting tourist is bothered by homeless people in Las Vegas.Being homeless and on the streets is not something that most people choose as a lifestyle.

    Las Vegas like most tourist destinations all have their share of the homeless.Apparently the letter writer has not been to San Francisco where the homeless are sleeping in the doorways of most establishments that are closed for the night,and are in the best of neighborhoods and business districts.They are everywhere you turn.

    Having visited San Francisco several different times while on vacation I was not made to feel uncomfortable by the homeless,they understand the word no and move on.

    You cannot bring enough money with you to give to all the homeless, so giving to our church helps in many ways to help feed the homeless. A little compassion and caring might be a better way to look at the homeless,rather then complaining. No easy solutions for this problem.

  6. "And every newspaper website has the written version of the emotionally homeless and political panhandlers like you Carmine."

    Jeff -- very lame, even from you

    "I'm surprised that that our visiting tourist is bothered by homeless people in Las Vegas.Being homeless and on the streets is not something that most people choose as a lifestyle."

    samspeaks -- good counterpost

    "Practise what I call a decent mammalian philosophy" -- Hervey Allen, 1933

  7. Due to politics, the economy, societial values, and personal decisions, we will find the homeless and the derillect population increasing EVERYWHERE.

    If what I am seeing in our elementary schools, where there should be a major effort to provide mental health services to young children as early intervention and as a proactive measure, is an ever increasing number of children COMING to school with mental health issues, these children UNhelped, will also be on the city streets littering the sidewalks in a matter of time. Sad to say.

    It is true, Las Vegas has changed, has evolved, over the years. In the past, business owners would be calling upon law enforcement to remove such individuals from their business coridors. Not so sure what or where those removed went though: given a ticket to go elsewhere, or taken to the middle of a desert highway...who knows?

    Until our dysfunctional government gets it together and out of political gridlock, we will continue to see this problem growing.

    Blessings and Peace,

  8. ByRefNV,

    You are one of the many compassionate people in our country who cares about your fellow man.People like you are what makes America great.

  9. to the letter writer:
    If you think the strip is bad a few blocks in either direction you will find homeless people walking the corners with street lights in droves. Las Vegas is not alone in this most cities in the US have the same problem and do not have the funds to house and feed all of them. That said many do not want to work and choose to live a life of begging and leisure..Those who truly want help will seek it out and work towards a better life for themselves. I used to live near St.Petersburg FL and the homeless caused my business many problems. Most don't care and have no respect for someone else s' property. I trespassed all I could, a few ended up in jail because of outstanding warrants.

  10. Homeless in America is everywhere especially now when the weather warms up,take the other gambling city Atlantic City you can not go off of the boardwalk because you are in the ghettos of the city real ones not like what they call them here in LV. There are many shelters and agencies to help the homeless in LV but people giving them assistance only makes the matters worse these people live on the street because they have to sober and clean up from drugs to use the shelters and agencies. Too many of them are enabled by the public giving them stuff remember the shoeless man in NYC who had shoes and a apartment but chose to live on the street. Until this problem comes out of control in LV the casinos and city etc will do nothing because it has not hit them in the wallet.

  11. Anyone been to Texas, where the letter writer is from? Man, talk about a state of haves and have nots. One recalls a story about glass houses and stones.

  12. "(His successful family business he ran while being a black ops accountant for the CIA)."

    Almost correct. Defense Intelligence, not CIA, and it was only for 6 years of my 33 served as a Federal civilian. Mostly at the Pentagon in D.C. BTW, it's not "the" it's just CIA.

    My family business was my passion, my government employment was my job.

    Carmine D

  13. Now Jeffery lad, with all your concern and posting about me, what is your work/volunteer background besides white privileged class?

    Carmine D