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May 6, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Hits keep coming for Obama team

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The Obama administration is unraveling and disintegrating before America’s eyes. The unfolding situation is both a national embarrassment and a disgrace.

Suddenly, in the wake of the grossly negligent and intentionally misleading fiasco in Benghazi, a series of new scandals have now rocked the Obama administration. In rapid succession, the IRS has been charged with targeting conservative organizations like the Tea Party who are applying for tax-exempt status. Only the most fervent and extreme liberals have refused to condemn the agency and question the effectiveness of higher levels of management in Obama’s administration.

Next, the Justice Department secretly seized the phone records of several Associated Press employees. This was purportedly to identify a leak to the AP from somewhere within the Obama administration regarding a terrorist activity that threatened U.S. interests. Attorney General Eric Holder has recused himself from leading the Justice Department investigation into the matter, fingering one of his deputies for ordering the seizure from the AP.

Then, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is under investigation for possible violations of federal law for soliciting donations from private companies that her agency may regulate to help finance the sign-up of Americans who are uninsured for Obamacare.

The occurrence of these events at such a pace is exposing cracks in the administration’s overall management effectiveness and organizational controls, and is threatening to undermine public confidence in the government.

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  1. A series of misfires, missteps and misplaced priorities all at the expense of America's best interest all done in the name of politics. The questionable motives of this administration and Obama's political team is eating away at what little trust is left in our government and its leaders.
    Obama focused too much on politics at the expense of doing the right thing for America. Obama is flunking out as a president.

  2. Good letter Bob. You nailed it all. The Obama administration doesn't know anything about what the Obama administration does.

    Carmine D

  3. The guy with the Cheshire Cat grin believed his press clippings and thought he was omnipotent. Truth is, he was unqualified in 2008 to be president and remains so today. Because of "Black Pride and White Guilt," we all suffer from the miscreants mishandling of the US economy, his penchant for "Social Justice," his Chicago "Style" of politics and his unparalleled lack of experience in world affairs.

  4. " threatening to undermine public confidence in the government." Which of course is and has been the GOP's stance on governance since 2008. Now, a new series of "look at the monkey" GOP "scandals" that the media has, so far, fallen for without letting things like the facts stand in the way.

    Benghazi: The alleged "consulate" was in fact a covert cover for a CIA operation that had little or nothing to do with diplomatic affairs. Then an uproar over e-mails on the issue, which was nothing more than a pissing contest between the State Department and the CIA. Boehner screaming to see the e-mails, which in fact had been presented to members of congress for their perusal, Boehner included. He opted out, and didn't even send a representative to review them. Later, the GOP doctored the e-mails, changing wording to reflect some sort of conspiracy, where none existed. Game over, Issa's kangaroo "hearing" accomplished nothing. His "whistleblower" had already testified previously, and his repeat testimony was a rehash that included his personal opinions on matters he had no knowledge of. That "monkey" moment has passed as the GOP trots out more faux "scandals".

    The IRS issue: A tempest in a teapot, and more sturm and drang over nothing. A chance for more political posturing by the Repubs. The GOP teaparty groups were scrutinized, yes they were. Tax free exemptions for political groups claiming them under false pretenses should be scrutinized, no matter party affiliation. Result? NONE of the teaparty groups were denied their precious exemption. One group WAS denied it's request for exemption: a liberal organization. There was no permanent director of the IRS, thanks to the GOP blocking the appointment of one. The buck stops with the director of the IRS; the president has no say so.

    The AP issue: Wrong, and misguided. Illegal? Probably not. The fix? Implementation of Senator Schumer's "shield law" bill, which was shot down by GOP obstructionism the FIRST time around. Look for it to be brought to the floor again. If the Repubs block it again, then they should keep their mouths shut on the issue from that point forward. The issue being scrutinized involves an anti-terror operation in Yemen that was leaked before the CIA was through. Under the Bush Cheney Cabal, the "national defense" trump card would have been played, and the leaker(s) would have been hunted the same way, and probably prosecuted or jailed for failing to reveal their source(s). Nothing to see here. "Scandal"? No. Obama involved? No.

  5. Future: Get over it. The worst terror incident in US history occurred right here in the good old USA, not some ramshackle residence in a North African cesspool. On whose watch did the real 9/11 occur? And what were the results? Crickets chirping.

    "Clinton pulled security..." Seriously? The GOP controlled HR "pulled security" when they failed to provide money for same.

    The rest of your gibberish is the same old same old GOP "talking points" that Graham, McCain, Ayotte, McConnel, et al, have been screeching about since the incident occurred. "Look at the Monkey" while real issues are ignored and/or blocked by a HR run amok. Let's vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act for the 37th TIME so, in Boehner's words, the freshmen tea baggers can voice their opinion on it.

    Governance is not on the GOP'S agenda. Obstructionism bordering on treason is. They couldn't care less about Benghazi, alleged IRS overreach, or AP reporters. Let's remember,the tea party groups were requesting a 501 4(c) tax exemption. They weren't being audited, but requested to provide further information before being granted the exemption. The Fix: overturn citizens united, and get the IRS out of the political sphere that that idiot law placed them in.

    First you say Obama declared that the war on terror was over, then you say he stated that Al Qaeda etc, are "on the run". Which is it? "On the run" would indicate that the WOT is NOT over. An oxymoron.

  6. What is "threatening to undermine public confidence in the Government"? You would think there is more for the House of Representatives to do than to debate and vote to repeal Obamacare for the 37th time. Probably intended to boost public confidence in government I suppose.

  7. ""Clinton pulled security..." Seriously? The GOP controlled HR "pulled security" when they failed to provide money for same."

    Wrong. Total $ for security for the embassies increased year over year in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 [even with sequester]. Just not as much as the agency's budgeteers requested. If you know anything about Federal budgeting, you know you always ask for more funds, expecting to get less. That's the budget drill.

    State Department and president and their minions are angling with lame excuses to blame the GOP anyway they can.

    The security $ allotted to the State Dept. has absolutely nothing to do with the military/defense budget to rescue the Americans at the Consulate and CIA annex on 9-11-12. That money and those resources come from the Defense budget.

    Carmine D

  8. Of course the Republicans are trying to take political advantage of some poor decisions that were made in departments under President Obama's administration. Duh! How many times have we seen this movie before, no matter what party is in and out of power? It is sad to see but it isn't something we all have not seen before. Only half of us condemn whatever investigation overreaches and the dog and pony shows that go with them are playing at any one time, and whether we do or not has little to do with the facts and everything to do with what 'party' we support, 'who' is investigating, and 'who' is being investigated. YAWN....


  9. It should be pointed out that it really appears this letter was written and submitted when the supposed scandal(s) occurred.

    Since then, everything in Mr. Jack's letter is still in the process of being investigated. If not already refuted and proven to be wrong. The most glaring revelation so far is the Benghazi talking points scandal. As it turns out, the whole thing is a non-issue. Planted information to CBS journalists. In that a Tea/Republican provided the information and stated it was verbatim quote, but it wasn't. It was propaganda. But you can't tell Tea/Republicans anything about Benghazi anymore, they have this intense desire to believe only anything that attacks President Obama, his administration, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, to name a few.

    No matter how you look at this host of supposed scandal(s), they are all being torn apart as each day goes by.

    What we do know to be a horrible fact is this that came out in the news in the past day or so...

    The Heritage Foundation, an ultra-conservative right wing think tank, is down on record that they have provided guidance to the Tea/Republican Party politicians in power to concentrate on these supposed scandal(s). And don't govern or do anything else.

    And they are paying attention to the Heritage Foundation.

    Our government right now is stalled. Because Tea/Republicans are more focused on stuff other than governing.

    You think I'm joking, but that is the truth.

    And the actions of those right wingers in power certify this is indeed a fact about the policy they are following.

    Also, sad to say, THAT is the REAL scandal. Tea/Republicans are paying way more attention to party politics. And not doing the peoples' business. The very essence of why they were voted into power to do.

    And for this, the entire Tea/Republican Party will pay. And pay dearly. They keep banging on a cowbell on non-issues, the voters out here are watching this malarkey.

    In the upcoming elections for 2014 and 2016, what the voters are going to say at the voting booths is certified to be something the entire Tea/Republican Party will not like.

    So, keep it up, Tea/Republicans. You're only injuring yourselves.

  10. When a cat howls at midnight the prophets of doom came out in droves lamenting that the end was upon us. So too the usual cassandras of political implosion...Carmine the prolific, Future, Bob Jack, Bling, Rock, etc. They are so predictable and add so little to the conversation that Ref won't be seen with them. Get over it boyos, you lost the election when you put up Howdy-Doody as a candidate, you lost with the airman and the bimbo, your clown patrol in Congress has done everything possible to short-circuit the economy, all to no avail. It is satisfying to watch you flounder about like the clowns in a three ring circus. The economy is slowly improving, qualified folks are going back to work [which probably explains why y'all have so much time on your hands still], early data from ACA indicates that med costs are starting to go down. At a Republican leadership conference the other day your big cheeses warned against exactly the kind or garbage that y'all are dishing up. They cautioned that the Republican response needed to be truthful and responsible.....oh, yeah, that was at the same time that Republican committee staffers were caught altering Benghazi emails to make them appear to suggest a cover-up. It's like I'm watching a Grade-B movie with the dinosaurs [that would be y'all] clomping towards the swamps of extinction. Good riddance and watch that door on the way out.

  11. Well said, wharfrat. But as you know, the road goes on forever and the party never ends.

  12. The usual conservative say the usual nonsense and get themselves in a frenzy. Yaawwwnn. The detailed and factual responses to their drivel by progressives here are for rational people, which conservatives most certainly are not.

  13. Oh ye of short term memory, wipe your mouths, they are frothing. You people lack historical awareness and/or knowledge.

    We've been through this before when the right wing whack jobs went over the edge about Bill Clinton. Does Vince Foster, Whitewater, Travelgate, Troopergate, Lewinsky, the Rose Law Firm, etc., etc., etc. sound familiar? It seems whenever a democratic president wins election, the radical right froths at the mouth and wets themselves in excitement, drumming up all sort of conspiracies.

    Already Republicans have been caught altering White House emails and it was the Republican controlled House that cut funding requests for consulate safety. When Clinton was under fire, how many high profile Republicans had to resign because in their zeal they over reached and exposed their own inadequacies?

    Obama will come away unscathed and voters will get insight into how whacky one political party can get. "McCarthyism" and its ilk died because we have smarter and better informed people voting nowadays. The fact is this Republican Party IS NOT your father's or Ronald Reagan's Republican Party. They've evolved into howling banshees whose sole purpose is to frighten us.

  14. He will stop the bickering? he will be transparent? He will get things done? He will change D.C.? Ya sure, you betcha. Shades of rioting until he leaves. Our economy cannot recover until he goes. Forget proposed legislation and ENFORCE OUR LAWS. Enforce border security by PRECLUDING ILLEGAL EMPLOYMENT and illegal benefits from welfare programs, ALL welfare programs.

  15. The first congressional investigation was in 1798. Since that time the Library of Congress has accumulated 75,000 volumes of investigative material.

    Looking under rocks is a congressional pastime. It's a dog and pony show that keeps them from having to discuss Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the wars. Congress can avoid the real issues of the day by talking about Benghazi and the IRS.

  16. LastThroes - "If feverish GOPers showed the same commitment and determination to get our economy back on track that they show in trying to overthrow yet another Democratic president the US would have already recovered from the Bush economic collapse."


    zippert1 - "It's a dog and pony show that keeps them from having to discuss Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the wars."

    The House has reduced themselves to pompous a-holes grandstanding for their overly zealot fans back home.

  17. Roslenda....boy, you are so right....the economy will not improve until Boehner and his obstructionist tactics go. Fortunately the President along with the Chairman of the Fed are doing all that they can absent any cooperation from Boehner and his obstructionist gang. If you are familiar with the Dow, S&P, NASDAQ, DoL data, you'll be glad to note that the economy is improving, just not as fast as it could. But I'm glad that you recognize that "he", John Boehner, must go.

  18. The Republican paid shills are working overtime working with the tea baggers in trying to create some sort of scandal.

    When you get desperate and can't win an election (Republicans),everything is on the table short of murder.After all its not about what's best for our country, its about winning the next election. When will all the nonsense stop?

  19. " I said the Republican paid shills are working overtime"

  20. Republican aren't concerned with legislating. They are more concerned with obstruction and hosing the system. If any of us worked like that we would be fired on the spot, yet these clowns collect hundreds of thousands in salaries and all sorts of perks for their families. Tell me, how's the economy working for you lesser folk who continue to vote these radical jerks into office?

    "One third of all the committees in the House of Representatives are investigating President Barack Obama and his administration. While Congress is consumed with investigations, work on other issues like the Farm Bill, Internet Sales Tax, Immigration Reform, and jobs have put on hold."

    "It is incumbent upon the House of Representatives to conduct oversight hearings on those actions, but it would be imprudent to do anything that shifts the focus from the Obama administration to the ideological differences within the House Republican Conference" the letter said."

    "Heritage Action for America, the political arm of the Heritage Foundation, specifically did not want Boehner and Cantor to bring certain measures to the floor. These were identified in the letter as the Internet sales tax bill, which recently passed the Senate with lots of Republican support, and the farm bill which the Senate is likely to pass soon."

  21. It's typical of the LVS to feature such a
    disingenuous letter. The NLV low info voter
    has all his talking points right out of the
    Fox News, Hate radio & the nonliberal news
    media. All his points are dribble & untrue.
    Why print obviously untrue, unsubstantiated claims
    that haven't held up. IRS is always under attack. Their position on 501C4 groups is the same for any group wanting tax exempt status. Mrs. B should know that she worked there. The associated press is a right leaning news organization & their motives should always be reviewed. Benghazi! Where will this story of total fraud end? Soon I hope.

  22. Obama has Holder ignore federal laws. O. insults American citizens and asks for legislation giving priority to illegals while we are the victims of their crimes and the costs. $6.3 trillion last known estimate to FEDERAL deficit--how much more to local government costs? How much more harm to our culture and way of life? We need to ENFORCE OUR LAWS before any more legislation. And what happened to the IRS? Obama's people went with the churches who VIOLATED THEIR EXEMPT STATUS with political activity--arm twisting patrons to vote for O.--UNACCEPTABLE under IRC 401(c). Yet they have the staff, time, and money to harass law-abiding entities? Dump the turkey.

  23. El Lobo, LastThroes and VidiVeritas have over 12,762 of untrusted comments in this forum. You guys/girls must have nothing to do all day but type up comments. You guys will do anything to keep open borders, drug trafficking and illegal immigrants flowing into the United States. The United Mexican States of America guys?

  24. Re antigov: With the POS candidates the Repubs ran in 2008 and 2012, any Dem could have won election and reelection in a cakewalk. The death throes of the GOP are a pleasure to watch for me. Already Rove has aired an attack ad on H. Clinton, and she (and nobody else Democratic) has even begun to run for president in 2016. The GOP stinks like a rotting carrion corpse. Rand Paul? Ted Cruz? Marco Rubio? I'm sure there will be more A-hats running for the GOP nomination for 2016; none of them have a snowballs chance in hell of being elected.

    Note to moderator: if the word beginning with the letter "A" is good enough for the FCC, on radio and TV, it shouldn't be an issue here.

  25. After looking at the posts it is obvious that the usual Obama supporters have drowned themselves in the Annointed One's koolaid. They are incapable of comprehending the depth and beadth of incompetence and corruption that exists in the Obama goverment.You can't make up something this bad.

  26. "Sam says "The Republican...are working overtime...trying to create some sort of scandal."

    "No effort required by the Conservatives - Obama has done all the ground work to create these scandals." Future

    At bad times like these for the Obama Administration, it's better even for shills to spectate than participate. Either way, the lame brain liberal left, aka Obama robots, blame the GOP.

    Carmine D

  27. The paid Republican shills will never admit that the Iraq war started by Bush Jr.and Cheney, who created lies of WMD in that country.

    With over 4,000 dead and 40,000 wounded,plus nearly 1.7 trillion dollars in lost treasure,this is the real scandal.

    At least we now know we have admitted paid Republican shills who will make up anything to get paid.No country loyalty there, just greed.

  28. "The day is coming where we will see Democrats hunted down with dogs."

    It's already here. And has been since 1978. They're called Agency "watch-dogs"... The Inspector Generals. They report to Congress.

    Carmine D

  29. "Republican shills who will make up anything to get paid. No country loyalty there, just greed."

    If you think they are only republicans, you're not as smart I think you are.

    Carmine D

  30. "The paid Republican shills will never admit that the Iraq war started by Bush Jr.and Cheney, who created lies of WMD in that country."

    Silverman Robb Commission:

    "The Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction is a panel created by Executive Order 13328 signed by U.S. President George W. Bush in February 2004. The impetus for the Commission lay with a public controversy occasioned by statements, including those of Chief of the Iraq Survey Group, David Kay, that the Intelligence Community had grossly erred in judging that Iraq had been developing WMD before the March 2003 start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. President Bush therefore formed the Commission, but gave it a broad mandate not only to look into any errors behind the Iraq intelligence, but also to look into intelligence on WMD programs in Afghanistan and Libya, as well as to examine the capabilities of the Intelligence Community to address the problem of WMD proliferation and "related threats." The Commission, following intense study of the Intelligence Community, delivered its report to the President on March 31, 2005."

    You can read the report for yourself. Too long to post.

    Carmine D

  31. Correction:

    Silberman-Robb Commission.

    Carmine D

  32. "Commission members are:
    Laurence Silberman, Republican, retired U.S. Court of Appeals judge, Deputy Attorney General under Presidents Nixon and Ford,

    Ambassador to Yugoslavia, et al., co-Chairman

    Charles Robb, Democrat, former U.S. Senator from and Governor of Virginia, co-Chairman

    John McCain, Republican, U.S. Senator from Arizona

    Lloyd Cutler, Democrat, former White House counsel to Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Cutler changed status to "Of Counsel" shortly after the Commission formed.

    Patricia Wald, Democrat, retired Judge of the DC Court of Appeals.

    Rick Levin, President of Yale University.
    Retired Admiral Bill Studeman, former Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, Director of NSA.

    Charles M. Vest, former President of MIT

    Henry S. Rowen, former Assistant Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, and President of RAND.

    The first seven members of the panel were appointed on February 6, 2004, the date of the executive order which created it. The two final members, Vest and Rowen, were appointed on February 13.

    Days before the American commission was announced, the government of the United Kingdom, the U.S.'s primary ally during the Iraq War, announced a similar commission to investigate British intelligence, known as the Butler Inquiry.

    The commission was independent and separate from the 9-11 Commission."

    Carmine D

  33. I've always noticed that CarmineD ALWAYS must have the last word in any comment section thread. Period. Anyone else notice that?

    Which goes to show that the Tea/Republicans only run on lame strategies. I guess, in their world, they figure the very last comment is always the most long lasting one. Don't matter what it is, but that ultra-right wing position NEEDS to be pounded out there. And if not constantly, then it must be the last note.

    Pretty juvenile, and transparent, you ask me.

    No matter how you look at it, it always points out that they need to attack, attack, attack, tora, tora, tora, banzai, banzai, banzai, on anything and everything President Obama and his administration are doing.

    It's gettin' old.

    People see through the silly games.

  34. "I've always noticed that CarmineD ALWAYS must have the last word"

    Actually you did not me. I merely sourced the Silberman-Robb Commission from 2005 which was the bipartisan government commission on the intel errors about the WMD in Iraq and Libya. After all these years, many Bush-Cheney haters still blame them for the war, despite the findings and conclusions of the Silberman-Robb commission tp the contrary. Ever read it. Only 600 pages. Might do you and others here, who repeat the same old canard, some factual good. But in your case, I doubt it.

    Carmine D

  35. And right on cue, CarmineD proved my point.

    The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

  36. When was the last time a president left office and was honored by that last term? FDR? The letter writer just points out the system.