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February 28, 2015

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Columns by Brian Greenspun

Danny Tarkanian eulogizes his father, Hall of Fame basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, during services Monday at Our Lady of Las Vegas Catholic Church. The younger Tarkanian paid homage to his father, calling him “the greatest coach in the history of college basketball.”
The ‘greatest coach’ and ‘best father’ there ever was
Feb. 22, 2015
I believe I can provide a unique perspective on Jerry Tarkanian. I was his ball boy, his player, his assistant coach and his attorney, but most importantly I am his son, and …
Lois Tarkanian talks to her husband, former UNLV head basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, after a statue of the coaching legend was unveiled in front of the Thomas & Mack Center on Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013.
Tark was beloved by his players and Las Vegans
Feb. 15, 2015
Jerry Tarkanian didn’t care about your background, even if it included a criminal history, coming from a broken home, living in the projects or academic struggles. He saw the good in everyone. That’s something …
Governor falls short with funds for UNLV med school
Feb. 1, 2015
When Gov. Brian Sandoval proclaimed the UNLV medical School his top priority for UNLV, I was shocked to hear his commitment of only $9 million to make it happen …
Scary message: Signs point to another intifada
Jan. 18, 2015
Khalil Shikaki, director of the Ramallah-based Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, spoke softly, but his message was scary. He found that for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, the last Gaza war ended with a victory for Hamas, and that, as a result, the terror movement …
The time is now to root out Islamic extremism
Jan. 11, 2015
Yes, people are enraged. And they are scared. Perhaps not for their own safety, but certainly for the safety of their loved ones and friends who are being targeted by radical Islamic terrorists who care not about societal norms or the sense of moral decency that has…
Happy New Year, from the mouths of babes
Jan. 4, 2015
To suggest that there were many Americans who, at the end of 2014, were awaiting the close of one year in anticipation of a new one that held the promise of something better is an understatement. Here we are some six years removed from the single greatest economic meltdown of our lives, and we are …
Brookings: Good policy is priority
Dec. 24, 2014
A crucial think tank report on STEM education was plagiarized, but the issue mustn't overshadow the far more important pursuit of the policy recommendation from which it stemmed ...
Our nation’s role in striving for goodwill toward all men
Dec. 14, 2014
I wanted to write a Christmastime column about good people doing good things in our community. People who are striving for peace on Earth and goodwill toward all men. And then the U.S. government released the findings of a significant investigation into the interrogation techniques employed by America in its war against terrorism.
Gorillas in Rwanda have the holiday spirit
Nov. 30, 2014
We could all take a lesson from a group of Rwandan gorillas this holiday season.
Using the ‘Tesla Bill’ to Southern Nevada’s advantage
Nov. 16, 2014
Just as Tesla Motor’s lithium battery factory was attracted to Northern Nevada in part by a lucrative package of tax benefits, John Lee is trying to work similar magic in …
Las Vegas needs a medical school
Nov. 2, 2014
A UNLV Medical School would generate tens of millions of dollars per year in federal aid that instead is going elsewhere. Nevada needs to access these funds by placing a qualified institution in its most …
What better way to celebrate Nevada Day than by voting
Nov. 2, 2014
As we celebrate Nevada’s 150th birthday, we should consider it’s our duty as Nevadans to choose what kind of state we want to have — and the only way to do that is by voting.
Let’s look forward to Nevada’s next 150 years
Oct. 26, 2014
For those of us who live here today and think Nevada is what we have made it, the fact remains that our imprint on Nevada is only the latest iteration of …
An education about the margin tax
Oct. 5, 2014
This is the time when voters usually start to focus — those who ever focus — on the general election just a month away. Unlike with most elections, though, many voters have been paying attention to this one for many, many years.
Community’s female leaders get sweet recognition from Girl Scouts
Oct. 5, 2014
Some of Southern Nevada’s best leaders were honored recently by an organization striving to produce some of the area’s next generation of great leaders — the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada. Each of the honorees was well-deserving and has made a difference in this community.

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Give retired Nevada teachers opportunity
Regarding the article titled “Bill aims to alleviate teacher shortage, help more immigrants get school jobs” (Feb. 20): It’s worth noting that Nevada prohibits offering most teaching jobs to retired Nevada teachers, although retired teachers from other …
By Lana Hess, Mesquite
Choose to protect Lincoln County
Rachel Carson wrote telegraphically, “The real wealth of the nation lies in the resources of the earth ... and cannot be a matter of politics.” Despite our state’s empty coffers, Nevada is rich. The intrinsic value of …
By Demi Falcon, Las Vegas
Health insurance subsidies for all
At first glance it appears that Americans who live in states that do not have their own state-run exchanges are not entitled to premium subsidies provided by the federal government. To those celebrating the inevitable gutting of the Affordable Care Act, allow me to bring up the Second Amendment.
By Cesar Lumba, Las Vegas
Government needs to take action
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman described Islamic terrorists as angry youths who’ve never held a job. How does his description of them compare to that of our unemployed and underemployed youths who are committing daily shootings, road rage, and other growing and seemingly never-ending personal crimes?
By Don Steele, Humble, Texas
Republicans only causing problems
With Congress acting out like spoiled teenagers who manipulate to get a selfish agenda filled, the GOP inviting Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu to speak will most certainly unite would-be-terrorists to make that leap to action to join ISIL. Where is Dick Cheney, crying out, “Unpatriotic,” to those who disdain President Barack Obama?
By Sandra Peche, Las Vegas
Support the Keystone pipeline
Regarding the letter to the editor “Obama should veto Keystone pipeline” (Las Vegas Sun, Feb. 18): I agree with the letter writer that at present we have an oil glut.
By Richard Dunlap, Washington, Utah
Prevailing wage, fair wage not the same
In reading the article “Build schools without gutting fair wages” (Las Vegas Sun, Feb. 10), it becomes apparent to this layman that …
By Richard Kauffman, Las Vegas
Exemption will only hurt middle class
It never ceases to amaze me how the Republican Party can play its smoke-and-mirror games with the middle class. The current attack on the middle class in Nevada is under the pretext of saving money for more schools by eliminating prevailing wage laws …
By Fredrick Wilkening, Las Vegas