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February 13, 2016

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Ken Rubeli
Boys & Girls Clubs secure great future for Sun campers
Oct. 18, 2015
We are put on this earth to advance the cause of humanity. We do that one generation at a time. That theme came through loud and clear at this past week’s Democratic debate in Las Vegas. Those seeking the presidency …
Right’s Benghazi ploy is exposed, costing McCarthy the speakership
Oct. 11, 2015
You can be blinded by the right, but you shouldn’t refuse to see in the cold light of day. Or, put another way, what does David Brock’s latest book have to do with the debate …
Frank Schreck
Honor for gaming lawyer Frank Schreck is well-deserved
Oct. 4, 2015
Nevada owes a debt of gratitude to Frank Schreck. And Frank owes some thanks to Howard Hughes. For reasons that will become apparent in a few …
Moving beyond email servers to what really matters
Sept. 13, 2015
Movies are about art imitating life, so let’s go to one of my favorites, “You’ve Got Mail.” Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were masterly in this “chick flick” about emails and anonymity. It was released in 1998, so no one knew about smartphones or ...
The Iran nuke deal would be OK if …
Aug. 31, 2015
Today I find myself in a similar position to that which caused my dad to knowingly and unflinchingly violate the laws of the United States in the ...
Tesla, Faraday can be electrifying for Nevada‘s future
July 26, 2015
Tesla, Faraday. There is a pattern coming together, and it looks like Nevada could be the pot into which the future of electric travel and electric power is melded. We all know about the incredible all-electric car ...
Stakes are high in Iran deal; let’s not rush to judgment
July 19, 2015
A week after the United States announced it and the other negotiating nations had reached a deal regarding the nuclear ambitions of the terrorist state Iran, every country and every leader and every person has rendered an opinion. So ...
Time to get to the bottom of sordid workplace story
July 12, 2015
Let’s create the setting for this in the headquarters of the Nevada System for Higher Education. I may have picked that one because it is where Chancellor Dan Klaich holds sway over Nevada’s public universities and community colleges. He has been under a little fire lately ...
Ignoring high court rulings is anarchy, not conservatism
July 5, 2015
Here is the news flash: There is nothing conservative about calling for the disbanding of the Supreme Court, demanding that the order …
Las Vegas in 1961: A miracle wrought in the desert
June 28, 2015
Progress is moving forward — the eternal quest to conquer boundaries that limited the past. And nowhere is it more evident than in Southern Nevada. Our remarkable advancement from a small desert community to ...
It’s time to wipe out guilt-by-association tactics
June 23, 2015
If the men in top authority are a gang of buggers, the nation is in peril, for its citizens can be destroyed through the flimsiest of …
Kirk Kerkorian builds; Howard Hughes buys
June 22, 2015
Rather than write in glowing terms — as the life of Kirk Kerkorian certainly deserves from all who write about his passing — the Las Vegas Sun can provide a unique insight into Kirk’s life that will give everyone a glimpse into what it was really like in the earlier days when Kirk was taking the risks that made both him and this city that he loved so successful.
Kerkorian elevated stature, economy of Las Vegas
June 21, 2015
Las Vegas benefited greatly because Kirk Kerkorian loved this city, its people and its attitude that allowed dreamers to build what they imagined and, then, to imagine so much more. In short, our city was the beneficiary of all he imagined ...
Larry Ruvo, chairman and founder, at the fifth anniversary of the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health on Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014, in downtown Las Vegas.
Let’s celebrate the power of one man’s love
June 7, 2015
Larry Ruvo has the sizzle. And, like his parents taught him growing up in Las Vegas, he knows when to use it and how to share it — with his family, with his friends and with Las Vegas, the community he loves. This Saturday, the Power of Love Gala at MGM Grand Garden Arena will feature as much sizzle as can possibly be put on a stage in Las Vegas ...
Expectations, payoff high at new charter school
May 24, 2015
I much prefer SWOT to SWAT. We all know SWAT is the highly trained, highly capable and successful police unit that enters the fray when practically every other option for peaceful resolution has been exhausted. It looks great and exciting on television, but in real life no one really celebrates the fact that it is needed, especially the men and women of SWAT.

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PUC shouldn’t be an elected body
In the Jan. 26 letter to the Sun, “PUC goes against residents’ wishes,” the author suggests it would be a good idea to replace the three Public Utilities Commission members with elected officials. There are several reasons this is a poor idea.
By Michael Henderson, Las Vegas
Choose Clinton, not a revolution
Let’s not have a political revolution. We had one. Chicago, the ’60s, the Vietnam War, hippies, Gene McCarthy. The revolution did not work then, and it’s pie in the sky now.
By Denise Kugler, Las Vegas
Heroin scourge is scarier than ISIS
Recently, “60 Minutes” had a 10-minute segment on heroin addiction and deaths in Ohio. It claimed more people die from heroin addiction each year than from car accidents. It is way more serious than the ISIS scare in America, which has killed a fraction of what drugs have killed.
By James Behrendt, Henderson
All cars should be self-driving here
I write to you on a very sad day. Someone in a stolen vehicle, eluding police, driving down Rainbow Boulevard at a reported speed of 100 mph, T-boned an innocent driver at Spring Mountain Road, killing her.
By David Wisar, Las Vegas
Bad taxi experience reflects poorly on Las Vegas
My wife and I came with another couple to visit your wonderful city for a fun weekend. We arrived at the airport and hopped into a taxi to take us to the Palms.
By Scott Schulman, Chico, Calif.
Split-second decisions often are life-or-death
The residents of Nevada must know that our police officers frequently have to make split-second decisions. I distinctly remember when I made a split-second decision as a substitute teacher in a classroom years ago in Compton, Calif. That decision saved my life.
By Thresra Tish Pierce, Las Vegas
Refugees’ plight resonates here at home
Bill Silverstein’s donation of the flag that flew on Exodus in 1947 to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington reminded me of the plight of my people, who were in the same position as the Syrian refugees today.
By Sandra Miner, Las Vegas
Trump, not Cruz, is anti-Semitic
To me, the term “New York values” as used by Ted Cruz refers to a liberal, center to far-left view on social and political issues and is associated with the Democratic Party and not necessarily anti-Semitic. If you are looking for anti-Semitic rhetoric coming out of Republican candidates, look at Donald Trump’s address to the …
By Fern Netzky, Henderson