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April 20, 2015

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Resolve is needed in war of ideas; right to self-expression must prevail
Jan. 25, 2015
A few weeks removed from the terrorist attacks in Paris, we are still struck by the tragedy and how the world has responded. There is a clear division between those who support the basic human right of freedom of expression and those who don’t.
Governing for the good of Nevada
Jan. 18, 2015
After Gov. Brian Sandoval’s State of the State speech Thursday, some people said he sounded like a moderate Republican, others said he sounded like a conservative Democrat.
Metro officer’s racist rants are cause for real discipline
Jan. 18, 2015
Bobby Kinch says his comments were taken out of context, but it's hard to imagine a context in which they are acceptable.
How lawmakers can best use their time in Carson City
Jan. 11, 2015
Every elected official says they want to move Nevada forward. The question is how to do it. Here's our take on three areas that the Legislature must focus on this year ...
Road project another example of Southern Nevada getting the shaft
Jan. 4, 2015
State officials recently approved a $100 million plan to extend a four-lane road to help the planned Tesla battery gigafactory east of Reno, and critics have …
Human lives can be saved if we all take responsibility for traffic safety
Dec. 28, 2014
Over 13 days in November, 20 people in Clark County were killed in an astonishing string of traffic collisions.
When it’s about education, let’s not cut corners
Dec. 7, 2014
It’s possible that Catherine Cortez Masto was the best candidate for the executive vice chancellor position filled by Chancellor Dan Klaich. Her credentials are not in dispute. But some regents are justifiably irked that they were not involved in the hiring process and a more extensive search was not undertaken.
Voters want to see GOP’s vision
Nov. 9, 2014
Gov. Brian Sandoval rode a Republican surge in his re-election bid Tuesday, one that swept not only through Nevada but also throughout the nation.
Give the dying the right to pick how and when they want to die
Oct. 31, 2014
Data from the Oregon Public Health Division show that between 1997 and 2013, 1,173 terminally ill patients received prescriptions for life-ending medication and only 752 of them decided to use the medication. Another 31 people may have taken the medication, but the information wasn’t reported to the state. California may be the first, thanks to Brittany Maynard.
The Sun’s 2014 election endorsements
Oct. 22, 2014
The Sun offers its endorsements of candidates and makes recommendations on the ballot questions for this year’s election. All terms are four years unless otherwise noted.
Endorsements on the judges
Oct. 22, 2014
Voters this year have several judicial elections to consider. These can be difficult choices for voters because as a rule, the public doesn’t track judicial decisions and legal issues, so voters can be hard-pressed in knowing who the best judges are. Let us help you. Here are the Sun’s endorsements for District and Family Court races in Clark County.
Endorsements for state questions
Oct. 21, 2014
Nevada’s Supreme Court is one of the busiest in the nation, with justices facing a crippling caseload. As a result, justice is served slowly. There’s a reason for that: The state Supreme Court is Nevada’s only appellate court for cases coming from District Courts. There’s a simple solution ...
Endorsements for county races
Oct. 20, 2014
In the race for Clark County sheriff, the public would be well served whether retired Metro Police Capt. Larry Burns or Assistant Sheriff Joe Lombardo wins. They both bring significant qualities and experiences to the race, but, in our view, one candidate stands out.
Recommendations for top statewide races
Oct. 19, 2014
This is no time for a complacent electorate, one that figures that with a shoo-in governor and no presidential race to agitate the masses, this is an easy election to take a pass.
Despite layoffs, downtown Las Vegas has a bright future
Oct. 19, 2014
Recent news of layoffs at the Downtown Project sent ripples of uncertainty through the community, but sober analysis illustrates that the area, in spite of those layoffs, remains on the upswing. Downtown Las Vegas still has plenty going for it, and one bit of sad news doesn’t destroy several years of promising developments.

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A chance for women to show strength
When Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic Party nomination for president of the United States and wins the election to be our first female president in 2016, I hope and pray this will be …
By John Tominsky, Las Vegas
It’s about money, not the middle class
Why does Warren Buffett not put a rooftop system on every house in America, charge a small fee every month and skip to the bank with the profits? Because even though …
By Nicholas Gartner, Henderson
Change directions on climate change
Whether you’re a Pacific Islander preparing for a super typhoon bearing down on you, a Floridian contemplating a rising sea level exacerbating a contentious battle between your fresh water supply and the sea, or a Westerner suffering through a long Lake Mead draining drought, you realize …
By Dwayne Morton, Las Vegas
Eliminate cap on solar net metering
As a rooftop solar power owner/leaser in Las Vegas, I’m happy to be saving money on my power bills, exercising choice as to where I get my electricity and supporting the growth of a booming industry in our state. That’s why I’m so concerned that the state’s growth in this area could …
By Pam Stuckey, Las Vegas
Why Cruz opted to use Obamacare
Once Ted Cruz’s wife left her job to join her husband on the presidential campaign trail and had to give up her health insurance (that Ted Cruz was on), Cruz had to find health insurance for …
By Bruce Kotzky, Las Vegas
Why not offer Volvo a deal?
If Nevada offered a tax deal to Tesla to build batteries, why not …
By Gil Eisner, Las Vegas
Urge legislators to ban coyote killings
Sadly, we just read that the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners has rejected the ban. What a terrible message to …
By Don Anderson and Nancy Anderson, Las Vegas
Use trash bins in our parks
People almost demand a beautiful park to have their picnics and peaceful walks in but neglect to realize that the inhabitants of their park, the wildlife, are
By Elizabeth Poole, Las Vegas