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November 29, 2015

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It’s Southern Nevada’s turn to build business swagger
Sept. 6, 2015
Is it worth offering financial enticements to trigger another economic bonanza for Nevada? And the answer is yes, of course ...
It doesn’t take a consultant to see where education dollars are wasted
Sept. 6, 2015
It’s a standard response whenever a public agency talks about budget cuts. People are sure to say, “Why don’t you start at the top?”
Why NV Energy needs to step up its solar-power game
Aug. 30, 2015
Nevada has an opportunity for a sea change in its approach to meeting energy needs, and the utility should embrace it ...
First came Tesla; now North Las Vegas awaits its moment
Aug. 16, 2015
State legislators have a chance to give Southern Nevada’s economy — and the state’s — a significant boost, building on the momentum begun with the giant battery factory being built in the North.
New plan for solar users needs careful, expert review
Aug. 9, 2015
NV Energy has come up with a proposal, which it submitted to the Public Utilities Commission, to charge new solar customers a monthly fee that in principle makes sense. But the details are puzzling.
Editorial: Download an app to report issues to City Hall
Aug. 2, 2015
North Las Vegas is trying to make it easier to notify City Hall when something needs attention. Henderson and Las Vegas figured out a few years ago how to help residents conquer bureaucracy and get action. The solution: a smartphone app ...
In editing report, chancellor interferes with regents, lawmakers
Aug. 2, 2015
The chairman of the Board of Regents, which governs the Nevada System of Higher Education, has hired an attorney at a cost of $595 an hour, up to a $50,000 max, to ...
Editorial: The ball is in PUC’s court for Nevada to get greener
July 26, 2015
The state Public Utilities Commission is being asked by NV Energy to approve construction of a solar panel array in North Las Vegas to serve one of the power company’s largest customers, Internet data center Switch ...
This gun control tactic is hard to shoot down
July 20, 2015
Aside from picking office holders, Nevada voters next year will have the opportunity to help keep guns out of the wrong hands. Granted, we can’t always identify “the wrong hands,” but as a society, we at least can try to weed out those people who, on the face of it, shouldn’t be allowed to carry a weapon ...
Ole Miss replaced Colonel Reb with a black bear in 2010 while Hey Reb! remains the UNLV mascot.
Has UNLV distanced itself enough from Confederacy?
July 13, 2015
To their credit, UNLV students and administrators long ago tried to disassociate our Rebels from the Confederacy. Though the university held on to the name and kept gray as one of its school colors, it removed the Confederate flag from its football helmets and changed the mascot from Beauregard, the Confederate uniform-wearing wolf ...
The Mobile Environmental Radiation Laboratory is moved from Las Vegas to Montgomery, Ala. The MERL, operated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Radiological Emergency Response Team, takes samples from ground and water during the intermediate and late phases of a nuclear disaster response to help prioritize areas for additional monitoring and establishing perimeters for long-term cleanup efforts.
EPA missed chance to calm nerves
July 12, 2015
For those in the disaster business, one nightmare involves radiation spewing from a ravaged nuclear power plant, a terrorist’s dirty bomb, the mishandling of nuclear waste, a transportation catastrophe or a scenario not yet imagined. So naturally a wave of anxiety spread across the Western states — especially Nevada and California — when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it was going to move — this weekend, in fact — one of its two Mobile Environmental Radiation Laboratories from Las Vegas to Montgomery, Ala., to join the other one there, 2,000 miles away.
Editorial: Zeroing in on Washington to bring our money back home
July 5, 2015
Nevada is awful at the science and art of grantsmanship. In this government cash giveaway, we stand idly with our hands in our pockets. In fact, for eight of the past 10 years, Nevada has ranked 50th of 50 states for snagging federal money and putting it to use back home. The other two years, we were 49th ...
NALEO president Hon. Alex Padilla gives a welcome hug to Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as she arrives on stage to speak at the NALEO conference on Thursday, June 18, 2015.
Editorial: As GOP candidates huddle with far right, Clinton deals with reality
June 28, 2015
To appreciate how high a priority is placed on Latino issues by Republican presidential candidates, just look at how many of them attended a recent national Latino leadership convention in Las Vegas ...
Editorial: We see a different Las Vegas than how the city is perceived
June 21, 2015
Among the 150 most populous cities in the United States, Las Vegas ranked 131, making it more worse than better for being conducive to a healthy and happy family life. These rankings make no sense to us ...
Editorial: Wondering whether Metro police show restraint?
June 14, 2015
A new video that brings us some comfort. It shows Metro Police dealing with a crowd issue on Tomiyasu Lane, which includes some of the most palatial estates in Clark County. What does this video show? Cops doing all the right things, peacefully and efficiently ...

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Natural gas is a waste of our time; let’s focus on solar
For Pete’s sake! Why would we build a new fossil fuel plant when Nevada’s home-grown renewables are competitive with gas? Competitive already — right now!
By Jane Feldman, Las Vegas
Trump’s childish rhetoric prevents GOP from evolving
Following the 2012 presidential election the GOP did an autopsy. Republican found, among other things, that they needed to improve their image among women, the young, Latinos and African-Americans.
By Robert Blanner, North Las Vegas
Join the fight against pancreatic cancer
Pancreatic cancer is one of the nation’s deadliest cancers, with a five-year survival rate of just 7 percent. It is time to wage hope against this disease!
By Joy Mueller, Henderson
GOP flip-flops on value of presidential candidates’ experience
During the campaign of 2008, I heard many comments, from Fox News to Facebook, about the lack of experience of Barack Obama. He was a one-term senator who was not prepared for the presidency.
By John Pauli, Las Vegas
How can we keep teachers? It’s easy
I just read your article about how our Legislature is putting together a huge task force to figure out how to ensure we have qualified teachers in every classroom.
By Scott Dakus, Henderson
Weak Iran policy now will hurt us later
Back on 9/11 the existence of a war with radical Islamic terrorism was never more obvious. Now the radical left and misguided liberals believe we can slow-roll the advance of peace by appeasement and delay while these same radical Islamic elements strike us in our homeland and gain strength abroad.
By Bob Jack, North Las Vegas
GDP isn’t accurate measure of nation’s value
The letter “Do we really want to emulate Denmark?” (Las Vegas Sun, Oct. 30) argues that Denmark is a poor role model for the United States for several reasons, among them the fact that Denmark’s yearly average GDP growth rate for the past 23 years is an anemic 0.36 percent.
By Michael Henderson, Las Vegas
Limbaugh and Trump cut from same crooked cloth
Lately I’ve found Rush Limbaugh speaking glowingly of Donald Trump. He’s all bombast and braggadocio. He’s shallow, simplistic and vulgar. His worldview is childlike, without nuance and sketchy. He’s long-winded. The verbiage hides mountains of misinformation.