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September 5, 2015

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Letters to the Editor

Just who are the oddballs? All of us
July 27, 2015
Remember the 1960s television program “Green Acres,” starring Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor? The star character, Mr. Douglas, gives up his law practice in New York and moves to a farm in the country. He is surrounded by nuttiness. All of his neighbors are kooky beyond belief.
We should establish new ‘good old days’
July 26, 2015
Thanks to the Supreme Court’s recent rulings, millions of people can now keep their health care coverage. The Affordable Care Act will continue to help millions of Americans. Some people will receive subsidies and others will pay out of pocket for the plan of their liking. I really like my health insurance company.
Label doesn’t do ‘Obamacare’ justice
July 26, 2015
On the 50th anniversary of Medicare this month, we should correct a health care plan misnomer. Let’s stop calling Obamacare Obamacare! We don’t call Social Security Roosevelt Security. We don’t call Medicare Johnsoncare. So let’s call Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) what it is, Americare.
Ruling doesn’t impede rights
July 17, 2015
I hear people on the right crying daily about how they have lost the freedom of religion and speech because of the ruling on gay marriage. Can anyone explain that to me?
The Biden family is a class act
July 17, 2015
If you listened to the people eulogizing Beau Biden, you would have to be absent a heart to not shed a tear.
What will limited government cost?
July 17, 2015
Too many Americans chaff under the belief that government is too big, too intrusive. They complain every April when the tax man cometh. They become upset and irrational when they perceive that government has favored one group over another.
Take action to stop culture of hate
July 16, 2015
Relatives of the nine victims of the Charleston, S.C., shooting reached out to the accused killer and told him they forgive him. Forgive the suspect two days after he committed the murder? I can see people forgiving those who have murdered their loved ones over time, but not immediately. It sends the wrong message.
Teacher shortage still plagues state
July 16, 2015
Every child in Nevada deserves the best teacher we as a state can provide. Every child deserves to be in a class where he or she can be treated like an individual instead of as part of a herd. We can’t pass legislation or institute school district policies to eliminate poverty or bad parenting, but there are things we can do to give our children a better education. The most important factor we can control is the quality of the teacher in each classroom.
If Obama ‘lost,’ who really won?
July 15, 2015
Fox News reported that President Barack Obama suffered major defeats at the Supreme Court in recent weeks.
U.S. citizens have one flag to honor
July 15, 2015
As a black octogenarian born and raised in the South, it’s hard to accept the lingering effects of racism amid the progress made over past decades. The blood of black men and women was shed in every war America has fought. They honored the flag as they represented their beloved country militarily, athletically and politically.
Trump’s presence reveals meek rivals
July 15, 2015
Contrary to most opinion pieces one hears and reads lately, it is my view that Donald John Trump Sr. is just what the Republican Party needs to help cull pretenders from its overcrowded clown car.
Kudos to Reid for conservation work
July 14, 2015
I was pleased that Sen. Harry Reid was awarded a well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award from the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund. His actions ensure Nevada moves forward with a clean and healthy environment in which to raise our children and grow our economy.
Here’s a candidate for a funny comedy
July 14, 2015
Please allow all the candidates who want to be part of the debates to participate.
Would white flags also upset people?
July 14, 2015
Flags are a symbol of who we are, the ideals of our foundation, and are source of pride for all people and all nations. The nation and every state should change its flag to white.
GOP copies Obama in flouting protocol
July 14, 2015
Brian Greenspun’s column “Ignoring high court rulings is anarchy, not conservatism” is well-written, and I agree with most of what he says. However, our Founding Fathers also were anarchists, weren’t they?

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