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October 8, 2015

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  • Pay to play? Casinos could consider charging for parking as the Strip gets more crowded.
    Could free parking disappear from the Strip?
    Oct. 7, 2015
    There’s a lot more people coming to the Boulevard—and not a lot of space for their cars.
  • GOP healed nation, Dems are distressing
    Oct. 6, 2015
    Three Democratic social programs are celebrated by the writer of the letter “Democrats represent ‘we the people,’” (Las Vegas Sun, Sept. 16). I want to concentrate on the No. 1 sacred cow …
  • Let’s record acts of Congress members
    Oct. 6, 2015
    We should require congressmen and congresswomen to wear body cameras when conducting the people’s business that record …
  • Pope embodies role of global diplomat
    Sept. 22, 2015
    Any pope who travels from Havana to the United States on a mission to persuade Congress to uplift the poor and address global warming has to be pretty audacious. So on his coming trip, Pope Francis will no doubt spark speculation about …
  • Islam making inroads in America
    Sept. 22, 2015
    Islam is flexing its muscles to gradually sustain inroads into American culture, and American social and legal institutions. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Council on American-Islamic Relations are two Muslim front groups that are repeatedly …
  • Invest bed taxes in tourist assets
    Sept. 22, 2015
    Imitation is the highest form of compliment. Let’s not try to reinvent the wheel. Follow the Orlando formula, which has proven to works. Legislators, change the law so Southern Nevada can …
  • Iran deal opens door to U.S. strategy that would advance Mideast peace
    Sept. 16, 2015
    Let’s face it, given the situation in the Middle East, empowering Iran in any way seems like a dangerous gamble. The Islamic State is on the march; the Arab Spring is in shreds; Syria and Yemen are failed states; Iran is supporting …
  • Our problems don’t justify ignoring refugees’ plight
    Sept. 16, 2015
    It’s easy for upper-middle-class humanitarians — yes, I guess I’m in this group — to speak from quite comfortable circumstances of their concern and horror over the suffering in the Middle East and Europe. Although taking in more refugees won’t have much impact on our unemployment rate, jobless Americans …
  • Regents chairman sets plan to cut costs while raising standards for higher education
    Sept. 16, 2015
    My interactions with the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents over the past four years have helped me crystalize four goals for our colleges and universities that, as the incoming chairman, I will …
  • Share tips, but let diners have a say
    Sept. 16, 2015
    Patricia Cohen’s article “As minimum wages rise, restaurants devise systems to replace tipping,” (Las Vegas Sun, Aug. 26) completely ignored …
  • Berkshire bigwigs need to see the light
    Sept. 16, 2015
    Rooftop solar puts power production in the hands of homeowners and businesspeople. It has zero costs for fuel, provides jobs for thousands of Nevadans, operates with no pollution …
  • Democrats represent ‘we the people’
    Sept. 16, 2015
    As a child, I asked my parents: Why are we Democrats? They told me the Democratic Party represented …
  • Cash alone can’t rescue education
    Sept. 15, 2015
    It’s just hitting bookstores, but Dale Russakoff’s book “The Prize: Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools?” has already become a source of enormous contention, both in Newark, N.J., where the story takes place, and among …
  • U.S. needs to take more humane approach to immigrants
    Sept. 15, 2015
    The vast majority of Americans, through lineage or otherwise, are immigrants, and certain politicians should not forget that. Aside from Native Americans, who can trace their time on this landmass back through countless generations, most people have …
  • For Rosh Hashana, a hope that is stronger than jihad
    Sept. 13, 2015
    For 3,500 years, the Jewish people have lived with hope; even Israel’s national anthem is Hatikva, “The Hope.” To the ayatollah we say, hope is stronger than jihad, and the day will come soon when …
  • Shining a light on the gun show
    Shining a light on the gun show
    Sept. 2, 2015
    The spectacle of laser pointers, muscle cream and naked G.I. Joe dolls.
  • NV Energy needs to let customers take advantage of important resource
    Sept. 1, 2015
    Residential rooftop solar installers in Las Vegas are suffering whiplash! The National Clean Energy Summit convened Aug. 24 in Las Vegas and highlighted the wonderful, abundant solar resource we have and the promising future it presents. At the same time, a previously legislated cap was reached …
  • Teacher shortage shouldn’t be a shock
    Sept. 1, 2015
    While reading Ian Whitaker’s story on the Clark County School District teacher shortage, I have to laugh. Did no one in the district see this …
  • Trump winner in race to the bottom
    Sept. 1, 2015
    I kept thinking Donald Trump wouldn’t run for president. Then, I thought he blew it with John McCain, and then with Megyn Kelly. No matter what Trump says or does, the Republican base …
  • In the past eight months, eight cyclists have died on local roadways.
    What can Las Vegas do to make roads safer for bicycles?
    Aug. 26, 2015
    In the past eight months, eight cyclists have died on local roadways.
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