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September 3, 2015

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3rd Congressional District race

Photo by Chris Morris / Las Vegas Sun

DISTRICT 3 MAPS - Metropolitan area | Outlying area

Political analysts are saying one of the closest high-profile races in the country on Nov. 4 will be Nevada's 3rd Congressional District race, featuring incumbent Republican Jon Porter, 53, who has been in the U.S. House since 2003, and Democratic challenger Dina Titus, 58, a Nevada state senator who is a UNLV political science professor.

Titus and Porter both easily won their party's respective nomination in the Aug. 12 primary. Here were the unofficial election results:


Jon Porter, 21,951 votes, 81.63 percent.

Jesse Law, 3,030 votes, 11.27 percent

Carl Bunce, 1,911 votes, 7.11 percent.


Alice Constadina "Dina" Titus, 22,228 votes, 84.71 percent.

Barry Michaels, 2,312 votes, 8.81 percent.

Anna Nevenic, 1,114 votes, 4.25 percent.

Carlo "Tex" Poliak, 587 votes, 2.24 percent.

The Nov. 4 general election ballot will also include these third-party candidates: Libertarian Joseph P. Silvestri; Green Party candidate Bob Giaquinta; Independent American Party candidate Floyd Fitzgibbons and independent Jeffery C. Reeves.

(Below are recent Sun stories, blogs, videos and Face to Face videos about the candidates and the races.)

Archive highlights

Titus may give Porter a run for his money

Wed, Apr 30, 2008

Maybe I was wrong. I know what you are thinking: Not possible. Or: Not again?

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Why Porter might just ride out a perfect Democratic storm

Sun, Oct 26, 2008

Jon Porter should be done, cooked, finis.

Titus ad unfair on pay raises, Social Security

Mon, Oct 20, 2008

Democrat state Sen. Dina Titus attacks her 3rd Congressional District opponent, Rep. Jon Porter, in a new TV ad, calling him “another Washington politician.”

Fiercely contested race comes to living rooms

Thu, Oct 16, 2008

Three weeks before Election Day, the candidates vying for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District seat are playing against type, trying to change the dynamic in one of the most competitive races ...

Starting in House as party man, Porter changed with the times

Sun, Oct 12, 2008

Republican Rep. Jon Porter lobbed a partisan grenade across the Capitol in January 2006.

Titus shows she’s learned from mistakes of run in ’06

Sun, Oct 12, 2008

Jim Gibbons was like a tabloid starlet in fall 2006, with a new salacious story appearing seemingly every week.

Titus fought for growth ring, lost — and learned

Sun, Oct 5, 2008

The phrase was classic Titus: quick and witty, chewable and salty fun.

Porter amiable, if low key, in state Senate

Sun, Oct 5, 2008

The Legislature was finished with its business — or so it thought.

Anti-Titus ad is laced with digs, distortions

Wed, Oct 1, 2008

Freedom’s Watch, a conservative Washington-based lobbying group largely funded by Sheldon Adelson, is running a TV ad that mocks Democrat Dina Titus’ Southern accent and focuses on taxes in her ...

Analysis: Porter’s yes vote could pay political dividends

Tue, Sep 30, 2008

Rep. Jon Porter’s support of a plan to bail out Wall Street was a calculated risk, and it may pay off politically. His opponent, state Sen. Dina Titus, a Democrat, ...

Behind Nevada's bailout votes

Tue, Sep 30, 2008

Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley and Republican Rep. Dean Heller, both facing angry calls from voters back home, opposed the $700 billion bailout bill that their leaders had hoped would produce ...

Close races — such as Porter-Titus — breed attack ads, experts say

Mon, Sep 29, 2008

The television advertising wars between Jon Porter and Dina Titus started off like the first round of most boxing matches: a few light jabs, with not many punches landing.

From Boulder City to Washington

Sun, Sep 28, 2008

In his first ad of his reelection campaign, Rep. Jon Porter stands next to a field of gleaming solar tiles and says he helped build the world’s third-largest solar facility ...

Sometimes tough, sometimes nurturing

Sun, Sep 28, 2008

The voice mail message is now infamous in Nevada political history.

Ads on Porter’s financing have long but hazy memory

Fri, Sep 26, 2008

The Sun examines the political commercials to determine what’s fair and what’s not.

Elections could turn on baggage avoidance

Wed, Aug 20, 2008

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opens the Democratic National Convention in Denver on Monday, Dina Titus will be 750 miles away in Nevada.


Jon Porter's concession
Jon Porter's concession
Jon Porter concedes to Dina Titus.
Dina Titus Acceptance Speech
Dina Titus Acceptance Speech
Congresswoman-elect Dina TItus addresses the crowd.
The Race Is On, seg. 1
The Race Is On, seg. 1
How does U.S. Rep. Jon Porter (Nevada-R) plan to fend off the challenge of Democratic ...
The Race Is On, seg. 2
The Race Is On, seg. 2
How does U.S. Rep. Jon Porter (Nevada-R) plan to fend off the challenge of Democratic ...
The Race Is On, seg. 3
The Race Is On, seg. 3
How does U.S. Rep. Jon Porter (Nevada-R) plan to fend off the challenge of Democratic ...
The Race Is On, seg. 4
The Race Is On, seg. 4
How does U.S. Rep. Jon Porter (Nevada-R) plan to fend off the challenge of Democratic ...
Titus Speaks To Democrats
Titus Speaks To Democrats
State Sen. Dina Titus, who won the Democratic primary Tuesday for Nevada's 3rd Congressional District, ...
Election Night: Dina Titus interview
Election Night: Dina Titus interview
Democratic candidate Dina Titus talks about the 3rd Congressional District race.
Election Night: Dina Titus
Election Night: Dina Titus
Democratic candidate Dina Titus speaks to a crowd about the 3rd Congressional District race.
Face to Face: Targeting Titus
Face to Face: Targeting Titus
She lost the race for governor. Now, State Sen. Minority Leader Dina Titus (Clark County-D) ...
Face to Face: The Race is On
Face to Face: The Race is On
Andrew Martin is giving up on challenging Jon Porter now that Dina Titus is entering ...


Rep. Jon Porter
Congressman Jon Porter, R-Nev., kicks off his re-election campaign at the Nevada State College in ...
Dina Titus Primary

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