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Area 51

A satellite photo of Area 51 taken from Google Maps.

A satellite photo of Area 51 taken from Google Maps.

Situated in Lincoln County near the Nevada Test & Training Range is Area 51, one of the most secretive places on Earth. Its very existence was denied by the government up until 2003. Although the purpose of the facility has not been officially declared, many believe it to be a testing facility for experimental weapons and aircraft. The secrecy and strange happenings occurring around Area 51 has inspired countless conspiracy theories.

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Alien contradiction is focus of new book

Mon, Dec 1, 1997

The stretch of desert known as Area 51 remains so shrouded in secrecy the government is still reluctant to admit it exists.

Feds asked to shed light on UFOs

Tue, Oct 22, 2002

WASHINGTON -- The federal government is not adequately investigating unidentified flying objects and is hiding UFO-related documents, members of a new coalition hoping to bring a serious tone to the ...

An eccentric's struggle for truth

Sun, Dec 18, 2005

Several years ago, he abandoned that quest, but the desire to get to the bottom of official secrets never left him.

At last, a glimpse of Area 51

Tue, Apr 18, 2000

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Editorial: No need for silence on Area 51 safety

Thu, Feb 3, 2000

The federal government shouldn't be forced to jeopardize national security, but at the same time it is shameful that it resists acknowledging whether it placed workers in harm's way. The ...

Area 51 to remain closed to environmental oversight

Wed, Feb 2, 2000

President Clinton on Tuesday again declared the top-secret Air Force base known as Area 51 off limits to national, state or local environmental laws.

A search for clues in wake of deadly Air Force crash

Sat, Sep 5, 1998

But the two aircraft crashed in the Nevada desert near the top-secret Area 51, killing all 12 people aboard. The wreckage was found at 2 a.m. Friday, 90 minutes after ...

Lawyer views high court appeal of Area 51 lawsuit a longshot

Fri, Aug 7, 1998

Even the attorney representing workers at a top-secret Air Force base 100 miles north of Las Vegas says his appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court is a long shot.

Workers' attorney appeals to Supreme Court in Area 51 case

Wed, Aug 5, 1998

"What happened was an outrage, and we will remain active in pursuing justice," Turley said Monday.

Group protests secrecy of Area 51

Sun, Jun 7, 1998

The workers attempted to sue the federal government, but U.S. District Judge Philip Pro of Las Vegas threw out the lawsuit in March 1996 on grounds it presented a risk ...

Toxic data at Area 51 ruled confidential

Thu, Jan 8, 1998

Lawyers for five current and former workers at the base, and the widows of two workers allegedly killed by toxic wastes, are not entitled to learn whether hazardous substances exist ...

Area 51 saga heads to federal court

Mon, Nov 3, 1997

The government resists acknowledging the installation even exists. An attorney's office is sealed from the public. A sitting president invokes executive privilege to suppress evidence.

Stealth search for history

Sat, Jul 19, 1997

As the full moon rose on an April night, Jerry Freeman picked up his backpack and headed into a desolate and forbidding landscape.

Magazine: Area 51 gear moving to Utah

Tue, May 20, 1997

The magazine's science editor, Jim Wilson, explores the signs in government budgets and in the dust rising from the Groom Lake bed about 110 miles northeast of Las Vegas. He ...

Former Area 51 workers to file briefs

Wed, Jan 15, 1997

The briefs will offer the first glimpse into a controversial sealed hearing in 1996 over alleged illegal and toxic burning.

Court overturns Area 51 ruling

Fri, Nov 8, 1996

The higher court decision, made Thursday, may throw a roadblock in the Justice Department's effort to wrap up its investigation into allegations that environmental crimes were committed at the once-secret ...

Ex-workers: Judge ignored Area 51 evidence

Mon, Oct 14, 1996

The workers charge that U.S. District Judge Philip Pro refused to examine any evidence that would support their allegations and perhaps reveal that the government lied or at least exaggerated ...

Questioning of Area 51 workers delayed

Fri, Oct 4, 1996

A federal prosecutor said the interviews are needed to wrap up an investigation into allegations that environmental crimes were committed at the secret military base 125 miles northwest of Las ...

Area 51 interviews allowed

Tue, Oct 1, 1996

Monday's decision by U.S. District Judge Philip Pro is a victory for the federal government, which was prohibited from interviewing the workers under a 1994 civil court order.

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