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Funding inequities have no simple fix
Northern Nevada colleges have always received more money than those to the south, but closing the gap in a recession unlikely
Friday, Feb. 6, 2009
Nevada has long been more generous to its northern colleges than to those down south.
Publisher’s aim: Be in vanguard of Vegas cool
BrightCity spotlighting art, culture
Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009
BrightCity Books’ Web site says this of its founders’ ambitions: “Our long-term goal is nothing less than to become the press of record on art, design, and culture with a ‘Vegas angle.’ ”
UNLV must scramble to save $25 million gift, hotel building
Harrah’s donation must be matched this year, and state says it isn’t in position to help
Monday, Feb. 2, 2009
The problem is that the total cost is an estimated $50 million, and the bulk of the Harrah’s Foundation’s $25 million gift will be made good only if the university raises another $25 million by the end of 2009.
Administrators say proposed cuts too much to withstand
Hundreds hear the hurt a 36 percent funding decrease would bring
Monday, Jan. 26, 2009
At a town hall meeting at UNLV on budget cuts Monday night, a member of the audience asked why Nevada didn’t implement a new corporate tax to help finance education. Jim Rogers, chancellor of Nevada’s public higher education system, responded, “We are proposing every kind of tax we can think of.” His comments drew laughter and claps from an audience of about 600 people.
Inauguration wasn’t only highlight of whirlwind trip
Led by CSN professor, group visited Liberty Bell, saw Broadway shows
Monday, Jan. 26, 2009
That was the response several College of Southern Nevada students gave last week when asked to describe a class field trip to the East Coast to learn about the country’s history and political institutions.
Use of private entity raises openness issues
Sunday, Jan. 25, 2009
The UNLV Research Foundation’s use of a private, nonprofit corporation to help develop the university’s business park is reducing public access to information about the 122-acre project in ways some public officials are criticizing.
Research park running through cash, still empty
Sunday, Jan. 25, 2009
Decade-old dreams of building a university business park that would bring research and technology jobs to Las Vegas could be put on hold.
Signs of anger, disapproval over proposed cuts
UNLV students protest governor’s proposed massive budget cuts
Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009
In a display of campus activism not seen for years, more than 3,000 demonstrators converged on UNLV’s academic mall Thursday night to protest cuts in higher education funding.
Nevadans proud to witness history
Locals who trekked cross-country for Obama’s inauguration see the importance of being there
Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009
Though he had secured a relatively good spot on the National Mall, Jashaun Kisling was unable to see the nation’s 44th president giving his inaugural address.
Will budget cuts draw flame from spark of activism?
Some see response to threat of tuition increase as start
Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2009
UNLV reduced the number of classes it offered. Favorite faculty members lost their jobs. Others took buyouts.
Memories, beauty survive oppression, pain
Man detained in hard labor camp writes book in local program for persecuted authors
Saturday, Jan. 3, 2009
Five decades after Er Tai Gao began his secret writings in the lao gai, China’s system of labor camps, he finally has the opportunity to share his stories with a wider audience.
Pay raise issue might divide K-12, college instructors
CSN faculty leader backs freeze — if it applies to all
Saturday, Jan. 3, 2009
Conflicting stances on pay raises could put some college faculty and K-12 teachers representatives at odds during the upcoming legislative session.
A fighter to the finish
Jim Rogers is still fighting for funding — and new taxes
Monday, Dec. 29, 2008
In April 2007, the chancellor of the state’s public higher education system went on public radio to promote the establishment of corporate income taxes in Nevada.
How three Iraq tours changed one marine
As country began questioning war, so did a man who was fighting it
Sunday, Dec. 28, 2008
This is the story of Christopher Gallagher, U.S. Marine Corps corporal, 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines. Service in Iraq: 2003, the invasion; 2004, Haditha Dam; 2005, Fallujah.
UNLV extends deadline on its $500 million fundraising goal
Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2008
The news that UNLV would not finish a seven-year, $500 million fundraising campaign by the end of this year came as no surprise to the chancellor of Nevada’s public higher education system.
Fee hikes are the forgotten increases in college costs
Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2008
Despite protesting tuition hikes, few college students attended the Board of Regents meeting that approved more than 100 new or increased fees.
Paying the Millennium piper
Scholarship has helped 47,000 Nevadans go to college, but it’s running out of money
Sunday, Dec. 21, 2008
Absent the Millennium Scholarship, Carissa Hurdstrom’s post-high school ambitions might have ended with a job as a waitress or concierge, her dreams of college deferred until the day — if one ever came — when she had squirreled away enough money to pay for classes.
Families losing appetite for college debt
As elite schools cease to be gatekeepers to prosperity, students and parents explore less expensive options
Friday, Dec. 19, 2008
The financial crisis is forcing many young people to reevaluate college preferences.
UNLV fundraising campaign falls short, so deadline extended
Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008
The UNLV Foundation will extend its $500 million fundraising campaign for up to another year. The extension announced today confirmed the fears of some staff and faculty members who had worried, as the original deadline of Dec. 31 approached, that the young university would fail to meet its goal.
Obama-bred activists meet, chart course
Look out, Legislature: They vow to fight on health care, education and environment
Monday, Dec. 15, 2008
Across the Las Vegas Valley over the weekend, supporters of Barack Obama gathered to chart the post-November direction of a grass-roots movement that elected the Illinois senator president and swung Nevada blue.
Former CSN official loses challenge to firing
She had filed whistleblower complaint in ’06
Monday, Dec. 15, 2008
The College of Southern Nevada’s former director of diversity failed to convince a state hearing officer that school officials fired her in retaliation for disclosing alleged improper conduct by college employees.
Regents approve plan to vary budget cut sizes by institution
Friday, Dec. 12, 2008
Under a plan the Board of Regents approved Friday, some public higher education institutions could have to cut a larger percentage of their state-funded budgets than others in the next biennium.
UNLV administrators talk of cutting academic programs
Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008
Among topics UNLV administrators covered at a town hall meeting on budget deficits Wednesday was one sure to spark anxiety among faculty and students: slashing academic programs.
Six questions for Kelly Wuest
College of Southern Nevada
Monday, Dec. 8, 2008
In this foundering economy, career counselors at colleges across the country are seeing a spike in the number of students looking for help with job searches.
Committee is ‘not just another level of bureaucracy’
Saturday, Dec. 6, 2008
It might seem like a paradox -- establishing another layer of bureaucracy in an attempt to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
Emotional farewells at Regents’ meeting
Friday, Dec. 5, 2008
It was an emotional day at the Board of Regents meeting today at UNLV, where several regents broke down as the board said goodbye to four of its 13 members.
Rogers to budget cut protestors: Glad you’re here
Thursday, Dec. 4, 2008
About 150 students — cheered on by university officials — showed up at today’s regents meeting at UNLV to protest potential steep fee hikes and cuts to college budgets.
Fee hikes may become too steep to endure
Top-notch candidates would be priced out of grad school by another increase, some worry
Thursday, Dec. 4, 2008
From developing photovoltaic cells to interviewing witnesses of atomic blasts at the Nevada Test Site, graduate students play a key role in research at UNLV.
A crosstown rivalry dawns
With stakes low, pride high, teams from UNLV and CSN meet in inaugural football game
Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2008
It wasn’t the biggest of crowds -- but then, traditions start small.
At UNLV, building a ‘monument to forward thinking'
Eco-friendly Greenspun Hall is dedicated
Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2008
UNLV’s Greenspun Hall was dedicated Tuesday, and if anyone at the ceremony questioned just how environmentally sensitive planners were, he needed only to look overhead to a photovoltaic array that produces enough energy to offset 13 percent of the building’s estimated consumption.
Graduates' burden: Student-loan payments
Debt accrued over years of study often surprises, and straps, borrowers
Sunday, Nov. 30, 2008
“Why would they give some kid $60,000? What gave me the privileges to take out loans like that?” These are the questions Eric Jones, 24, has been asking, to no one in particular, since he graduated two years ago from The Art Institute of Las Vegas with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design — and a heap of debt. A graphic artist for a national firm headquartered in Las Vegas, Jones earns about $33,000 a year before taxes. His monthly student loan payments total more than $700.
Nevada’s rate of default on college loans among highest in the nation
Sunday, Nov. 30, 2008
The latest numbers from the federal government show Nevadans who began repaying federal student loans in fiscal 2005-06 defaulting at higher rates than borrowers in 45 other states.
UNLV grad’s Web site offers view of high school life through teens’ eyes
Friday, Nov. 21, 2008
“A community for students, by students,” reads the slogan atop The Nevada High School Report, a Web site launched in July.
Budget cuts would narrow CSN’s reach
Six satellite campuses to fall victim to state budget cuts in June unless another revenue source is found
Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008
Students file onto the College of Southern Nevada’s Sahara West Center on weeknights to take classes that will improve their career prospects: English as a second language, basic mathematics, GED preparation.
The Sands’ virtual renewal
Italian graduate students reviving history in project with UNLV
Sunday, Nov. 16, 2008
It’s a project at the intersection of history and technology, meant to rekindle the magic of old Las Vegas.
Audit: CSN division failed to track revenue, expenses for years
Personal use of school resources by employees also found
Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008
Programs in CSN’s Division of Workforce and Economic Development are supposed to be self-supporting, with revenue matching or exceeding expenditures.
Chancellor asks governor to use panel to vet regents candidates
Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008
Jim Rogers, chancellor of Nevada’s higher education system, wrote Gov. Jim Gibbons today to ask if Gibbons would consider creating a committee to evaluate candidates for the Board of Regents, which governs the state’s public higher education system.
Chancellor says turning point finally reached
Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008
In his latest weekly memo addressing state budget cuts, Jim Rogers, chancellor of Nevada’s higher education system, applauds the fact that “every possible solution is now on the table.”
Rogers' foes could soon be regents
Governor could appoint defeated regent, state senator to board
Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008
Any satisfaction Chancellor Jim Rogers felt after Regent Bret Whipple, a critic of Rogers, lost his bid for reelection might be short-lived as he and another critic, Bob Beers, aim for appointments to the board.
Chancellor meeting with Gibbons to discuss budget
Monday, Nov. 10, 2008
The chancellor of Nevada's public higher education system is getting a long-awaited sit-down meeting with Gov. Jim Gibbons today.
California’s long arm reaches into bank account
Saturday, Nov. 8, 2008
A routine check of Charlotte's bank account on Oct. 12, a Sunday, yielded a nasty surprise. Someone had removed $358 without her permission.
Regent’s election defeat suits Rogers fine, thank you
Friday, Nov. 7, 2008
Robert Blakely seemed convinced a month ago that he couldn’t get elected to the Board of Regents. Surprise.
Down economy could account for CSN enrollment hike
Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008
Enrollment at two-year colleges often shoots up when the economy sours, which might account for a jump in registrations at the College of Southern Nevada this fall.
President-elect may keep sending direct e-mails
Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008
In a late-night, post-victory e-mail, president-elect Barack Obama told supporters he would "be in touch soon about what comes next."
Big election day also a work day
A look at what it's like to be in the trenches with campaign workers and an election official
Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008
Election Day meant heavy lifting and shifting emotions for campaign workers and those responsible for ensuring a fair vote. The Sun spent the day with three of them.
Pay raises clash with cuts
At UNLV, this recurring expense might have been a smart offering to spare programs
Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008
One problem at the root of the subprime mortgage mess was that, for years, Americans were spending money they didn’t have, tying themselves to future liabilities they could not afford.
UNLV president names Hardigree to top post
Department chairwoman to be assistant president and chief of staff
Friday, Oct. 31, 2008
UNLV President David Ashley announced Thursday that a longtime UNLV faculty member will be joining his office as assistant president and chief of staff.
Declining sales prompt CSN to refocus plant-sale program
Friday, Oct. 31, 2008
Thursday was the last day of regular sales at the College of Southern Nevada’s Desert Garden Center, which has sold desert plants to the public for 12 years.
Driver's license numbers show decline in new residents
Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008
The decrease in the number of people moving to Clark County continues to be evident at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
UNLV student arrested for possessing explosive components
Monday, Oct. 27, 2008
A UNLV student was arrested earlier this month after police officers said they discovered an eclectic collection of extracurricular goods in his on-campus dorm room including shotgun shells and a police scanner.

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