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August 30, 2015

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aaron bautista
Jan. 7, 2011

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There is absolutely no problem with this I think. Las Vegas is where he needs to be due to his family, so UNLV is pretty much his only option, which is what he is doing, and as a walk on, as stated nonetheless. It's not like he wanted to leave Fresno, but it was something he had to do, family comes first. We still have the open schollie, and no time was spent recruiting, as if we don't know what he's capable of anyways.

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Someone doesn't know what Liberal Arts actually consist of. The Liberal Arts & Science (LAS) program at NSC includes Criminal Justice, English, Biology, History, Law Enforcement, and Mathematics just to name a few. Those all sound like pretty important things to use in the real world to me.

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This place was actually pretty cool, too bad more people didn't know about it. I think it had plenty of potential, it coudld've been advertised more and they could've had special appearances by celebrities who've had shoes made of them. Granted not everyone is into rare shoes and collecting, there is definitely a market and an attraction to those who do. There was a big difference of seeing shoes here and seeing shoes at a mall for free, many of these were the rarest of the rare, it's like comparing going to look at art for free in the frame section at wal mart to going to the gallery of fine art at the bellagio.

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@notch The incident didn't even take place at school, it's just when it comes to bullying and the age of the offenders, a lot of times that becomes CCSD Police jurisdiction, and school is a place that the law can catch up to them (the bullies).

Now I've seen the video and it is on liveleak, and the kid getting beat up doesn't fight back at all, it's quite sad. I don't blame the education system at all in this incident but rather the environment. Watching the video, I can tell this incident occurred on Bonanza & Eastern, in a not so nice area. The N word is dropped numerous times, and clearly these boys were just being idiotic thugs.

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From what I read, yes it looked like Hawkins hit another man unprovked on video, but we don't know what all was being said by Massie, for all we know he could have been telling Hawkins he was going to hit him, or telling him to turn around and fight, perhaps someone from a distance saw Massie get behind Hawkins and said "turn around he's going to hit you from behind" thus causing Hawkins to swing, we really don't know. There is a witness saying that Massie might've patted him on the shoulder, and in a confrontation, that can be looked at as a sarcastically aggressive move. Any of those things could have caused Hawkins to fear for his life or safety, putting him on gaurd. The fact that he is a teacher will also help him because that reflects his character as a good person serving the community, and will also make people question if he really is a malicious individual. So before people jump to conclusions, there are many factors that need to be determined.

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