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August 30, 2015

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Jan. 9, 2012

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The only thing that I do not believe from this article is that the mother is 46 and the daughter is 27. No way. No freaking way.

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@Wolfdog - CCSD is very limited in what they legally can do for children who suffer from abuse. They have counselors that children can turn to if they feel unsafe, but once the child is off school property they have no legal rights to protect the child. The counselors rely heavily on CPS to evaluate the situation and remove the child from the home. Unfortunately, CPS was notified but never made it out to the house. While it is nice to think that this horrific tragedy could have been prevented had CPS interfered, chances are the child would have remained with his mother and stepfather, especially with the nice facade they put on as being loving, doting parents.
@Robert Rooney - very well said, I could not agree with you more.
May this young, beautiful child rest in peace. I truly hope he is in a place where he can be free from fear and pain.

(Suggest removal) 12/4/12 at 11:56 a.m.

@DMCVegas - Just so you know, Safe Nest does offer programs that help men who suffer from domestic abuse. Your argument resonates with that of a 16 year old boy. Grow up, do some research, and then maybe we can have an educated discussion on why this type of depiction of a woman is offensive.

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To debate which school is better is futile; however to debate which school has the best fan base and truest alumni support is a much clearer picture. I was born and raised in Las Vegas and made the best decision of my life when I decided to go away to school at Nevada. I truly feel bad for students of UNLV as they have absolutely no idea what it is to attend a college that the community 100% supports. UNLV fans and the rest of Las Vegas are only Rebel fans in the basketball season, the remainder of the time they could care less. If you go anywhere in Reno (or anywhere close in Northern Nevada) you will find Wolf Pack paraphernalia aplenty - grocery stores, restaurants, casinos, bars, and every store is decked out in Nevada gear. The support of the school from the Northern Nevada community is second to none. People don't just say they love the Wolf Pack, they mean it. We bleed blue year round, not just when our sports teams are doing well.

(Suggest removal) 10/11/12 at 2:55 p.m.

Screw letting the NIAA make the decision, the schools have the power to take Gorman down themselves. Every public school that opposes Groman's corrupt recruiting practices should come together and forfeit every game (basketball, football, golf, etc.)against the Gales, essentially forcing them out of the league. As meaningless as this issue is in terms of issues we face as southern Nevadans, at least we can teach our children to stand against moral corruptness.

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