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August 30, 2015

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Aug. 4, 2012

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TomD: I understand your point, but I don't believe I confused defending myself with who started it. If you started it, and the only other witness is dead, you can say whatever is necessary to go free. Saying it does not make it true. No one to contradict you. To believe Zimmerman didn't start the scuffle, with the words that came out his mouth, and the pursuit, is, to me, quite naive. Ultimately, it doesn't matter in the least who started it, only who has the gun, and who gets 'scared'. That's why you can no longer defend yourself under any circumstance, unless your willing to be killed.

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You can be out, minding your own business, and run into conflict with another person. Prudence dictates you must assume this other person is carrying a concealed weapon. If the confrontation becomes physical, whether you are the victim or the aggressor, if you begin to win the fight, the other can shoot you and claim they were scared. Therefore, you must now, never, under any circumstances, defend yourself or risk death. The only exception is if you are also carrying. Then, you have to be quicker.

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It no longer appears safe to defend yourself under ANY circumstance. If you do, and are prevailing, you can be shot for 'scaring' the other person. Initial aggressor or not. Quickest draw wins going forward.

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The first two posts left me belly laughing. Carmine didn't pick up on Freeman's sarcasm, and then dismantled him as a result. Perfection.

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TomD: here's another article stating the defense conceded that GZ followed TZ.
The police also said he ignored instructions. Sheesh. Then, the defense made a point of indicating its not against the law to follow someone. It's really pretty simple. GZ stalked a 17 yo who committed no crime, both in his car and on foot that provoked a physical confrontation. Then, when GZ was getting the worst of it, he shot TM thru the heart. I'm not a liar, and I don't ridiculously split hairs. I'm a very calm non violent person. You throw out "liar" very freely. Not everyone is like me. Someone may one day get mad and punch you. I hope you don't get the best of him at any point, because he/she may "become scared" and have to kill you. Have a nice day.

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