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August 30, 2015

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Sean Toomey
Oct. 13, 2009

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So, it's OK, in the current Republican mantra, for the government to bailout the wealthy, the banks, and the corporations, but not homeowners? I love the hypocrisy. In the current Republican world, the free market works, until it hurts the wealthy, the banks, or the corporations. When *they* are hurt, then the current group of Republicans loves big government.

Once the US Government, under George W. Bush, chose to go down the bank bailout road with TARP, the government had to bailout all sides of the mortgage transaction for the whole Ponzi scheme to succeed. TARP interfered with the natural bankruptcy process and tilted the free market system firmly in the direction of the banks. Instead of having to work to make loan portfolios perform, the banks could just take foreclosure losses and go crying to the US Government or Federal Reserve for "more capital". The threat of an ugly bank collapse is a great motivator to get mortgage lenders to renegotiate.

I don't buy the story that the government earned a profit from TARP, either. Sure, the funds specifically allocated to TARP were, largely, repaid, but that amount doesn't include the stealth tax of 0% Federal Reserve loans to the banks or other assistance in the form of corporate tax breaks, stimulus, and social safety nets costs.

If we want to fix this economy, short of having a revolution, the homeowners have to be helped in an equal manner to the banks, which will bring the capitalistic forces around the mortgage situation back into balance. Homeowners, especially those who've been making regular payments throughout this crisis, have nothing more to give.

Of course, the end result is a further destruction of the value of the US dollar and a further reduction of the US living standard. Taxes will have to go up, especially for the wealthy who benefitted from TARP, and government services, including Defense, will have to be cut. The US will have to adopt a much less agressive foreign policy and live within its means.

TARP is going to go down in history as one of those turning points, like the Iraq War, where everything started to go badly.

The really sad part is that I've been a lifelong, free market Republican. I can probably count, on one hand, the number of times I've voted for a Democrat and the current President was not one of them. However, somewhere along the way, the Republican Party lost its way. The free market works, when it applies to all sides of a transaction, equally, which isn't what happened here. Now, we are left with bad choices. Look around, people, the crowd is getting very ugly and the current crop of mainstream Republican candidates seems tone deaf to the problems of the Middle Class.

(Suggest removal) 10/30/11 at 10:20 p.m.

Corporate America is going to continue holding its breath until we return to George Bush era. I'm waiting for pampered CEOs to start collectively banging their heads against the floor like my 2 year old. I'd post that video on YouTube.

The sad fact about today's Republican Party is that it really doesn't matter which Bush you specify. The corporate welfare, deficit spending, and unfocused warfare policies are the same. The Republican Party has gone so far right that it, too, has left America.

Unfortunately, I don't have the eloquence of Ronald Reagan, so I can't come up with an appropriate, clever anaology.

It's time for America to wake up and see past the corporate and special interest financed, Tea Party propeganda. It was 8 years of George Bush's deficit spending and unfocused warfare that lead us into this financial and, dare I say, military disaster.

If you put Republicans into office, the leadership will still be loyal Bushies. The Bush family has done everything to make that possible. Only by denying Republicans any power will they learn their lessons about corporate welfare the way most Democrats have learned about gun control from the 1994 Crime Bill debacle.

I'm not fan of the Democrats, but in our, very limited, two party system, I'm more willing to back them than a guaranteed return to Bush era policies.

Former Senator Sam Nunn of Georgia once said, "If you're going to get a skunk in there, you might as well get a skunk that's blowing in the opposite direction."

A vote for Republicans is a vote for the super wealthy and Corporate America. From the decline in my upper middle class paycheck in the last 10 years, I know which side I fall on in this election.

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So, only "approved" opinions get noticed? Sounds like "Pravda" in the Soviet era to me. I couldn't help that the impression you get from the "trusted" comments overwhelmingly approves the action. If you don't click on "Show All Comments", you'd get the feeling there was a positive public impression.

I have no problems allowing the Sun to verify my information, as long as only my "anonymous" user ID is published in public. If a user "name calls", then there's a verified name and address to go after in court.

This town has a long and storied history of people taking enemies "out to the desert for a talk". Some limited anonymity helps foster free discussion.

I read the Las Vegas Sun because of its balanced coverage. The Journal-Review, in my opinion, is a propaganda rag.

Don't start down the dark path. Hank Greenspun's dream was of a paper with integrity. Keep it!

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For the record, I think the shooting probably was justified, but I don't think there's been nearly the level of investigation required to determine that as fact.

The actions leading up to the shooting, the tactics used, and, especially, the post-incident evidence mishandling all point to poor police procedures and scene management.

The Inquest process needs to be revamped. I think the burden of proof should be on the police to prove a shooting is justified. There needs to be a detailed, truly balanced analysis of every shooting incident. This is important for the safety of other officers and the general public.

Since the "defendant" was denied his/her right to trial, why not have something like a trial after-the-fact?

(Suggest removal) 9/22/10 at 10:31 p.m.

OK. So, where's the video?

If Sheriff Gillespie told me it was hot and sunny in Las Vegas, I wouldn't believe him at this point. That's the problem.

Witnesses can be coerced, over-coached, or just plain mistaken. This is why you have defense attorneys. This Inquest procedure is a farce. Nothing will be learned from the encounter and the rubber stamp will, once again, fall on the paper.

I have no doubt that Scott's medical conditions probably impacted his decision making ability. If his pain was not properly managed, he shouldn't have been carrying a weapon.

However, this Inquest appears to be a one-sided character assaination built solely to vindicate the police. The sad part is that by not truly analyzing police actions, this "Inquest" is putting officers in danger. If you don't learn from your mistakes, you are doomed to repeat them.

I can only hope the voters of Las Vegas send a message to the corrupt kingmakers in our version Tammany Hall and throw Gillespie out in November. Aside from this incident, I'm not happy with the rapid decay of our police during his tenure.

Once again, we have to take Las Vegas back from the Mob. Only this time, the "Mob" consists of the Fortune 500 gaming companies. The people of Las Vegas elect the Sheriff, not a select group of wealthy casino owners.

If we want to revitalize our economy and build a real economy, the first step is revamping the leadership our police department and rebuilding trust in our police. We have to show Las Vegas is a real city where you can bring your real business and be safe.

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