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August 30, 2015

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March 24, 2009

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Polls are a sampling of a very small hand picked section of voters.

When the race is as tight as it is they trend to be very inacurate. Lowden will win... the voters know who can beat Worthless Reid in November and they will send him packing. The money will rain in for Lowden right after the primary as everyone in the US wants this man gone. Does not stand a chance this time.

Sandoval will beat the kid Reid and send him packing too!

Good bye and good riddance of them both!

(Suggest removal) 6/3/10 at 6:50 p.m.

Does not matter what party. Today the guy lost his Paving Contractors License for not paying his bills etc. Has had numerous issues on finances for many years and has had issues loosing licensing prior.

Uncle Harry could be giving him a little $$$ when down on your luck.

AshCan won't go far. Don't worry about him pulling votes as no one will vote for a BK business man anyway!

Good Night Seachlight Harry! See ya Saturday in your Hometown!

(Suggest removal) 3/24/10 at 6:11 p.m.

The presumptive Speaker of the Nevada State Assembly is bought and paid for by the Nevada Trial Lawyers! Look at what he did directly to the construction industry during the last session. The Senate weighed in on Construction Defects to fix an issue that was killing an industry and would protect homeowners at the same time. The frivolous items of the Chapter 40 process would have stopped. Look at the protection Ocegura gave to this cottage industry he set up for his good friend CD Trial Attorney Scott Canepa. It's all about the money $$$. It was never about a fix! The Nevada State Senate voted 19-1 for this bill!

Look to see who threw these big flings for him in Cali. His best friends name will be all over it! He cannot raise money in Nevada because all of us folks here are all broke! John does not want homes fixed, nor does he care about the working folks who live in Nevada and contribute to our economy. He cares for the few that take good care of him". and raise him the big money so can deal for them in Carson City.

North Las Vegas Fire Captain who takes off four months from work to do us all a favor to be in Carson City.

John you should forward all you campaign funds back into the state budget to assist in the short falls you helped create!

(Suggest removal) 11/24/09 at 1:44 p.m.

Who wins here. Medical Mal and Construction Defects. They go hand in hand. Do you all think the Lawyers care about you, your loved one or your home. NOPE - They care only about the money!! ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!! God Bless Bonnie Parnell. The only Democrat who stood up to Bernie Anderson and William Horne. Both of you need to go and the good people in this state get it! Heard Bernie is running for mayor in Sparks. Hellooo Put this old worn out nag to pasture!!! And Soon! He has been nothing but the boy for the Nevada Trial Lawyers Bar!

(Suggest removal) 4/17/09 at 7:21 p.m.

mc-mc John,

John your way off base once again!!! You defend this process because you make your living praying off of the Homeowner. Exactly like the Attorney. You are so quick to state that all homes are built in correctly that you cannot even hear yourself speak (or write).

If you read LV1Team you would see the point of the Kitec Issue. The Nevada State Contractors Board only has to go out and see that is a product defect issue and advise Homeowner to call a law firm. They don't need a Brain Surgeon i.e. you to get involved.

Fees and Costs - Any good Law Firm will take a case if it has merit. Today they don't have to have any merit. The Chapter 40 process is broken which in turn brings out the vultures that prey on Nevadan's. These fixes won't put you or any Attorney out of business but they will have to bring true issues to the surface and leave all the frivolous (fake) issues behind.

Yes contract law does not seem quite fair for the Subcontractor as you point out. But in today's environment everyone is happy to just have a job. How about you putting some of your efforts since you are so keen on the law to lobby Carson City and get these changes done for the Subcontracting industry?

You go into great explanation of the issues of the Chapter 40 process and admit that the Homeowner does not get his issues fixed for YEARS. How can you sit and state later that the Chapter40 process works. How can it WORK??? Put the Nevada State Contractors Board in place first. True issues will be fixed and frivioulus issues will never be started. Again, You admit this!!!! READ IT! Its your own words!!!

LV1Team is very correct and makes sense. Keep your hand out our pockets!

(Suggest removal) 4/13/09 at 5:27 p.m.

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