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August 30, 2015

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Dec. 5, 2012

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I think the rubber band would be safer!
I thank you you for clarifying you statement. But I do stand firm that motorist must be accountable for their actions. Motorcycles and their riders should be not be singled out as a hazard. This was an incredibly smart, beautiful and full of life young lady. Who needed an economical form of transportation. Yes, I know her! Her family and many of her friends. It is a tragic loss.
I understand many motorcyclists can be careless and dangerous. But the overall majority are not. I hope people open their eyes and look around before another life is lost.

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Dear Tom.
Your going to tell me a 19 year old licensed female is at fault for choosing to ride a motorcycle as opposed to a 64 year old man who chose not to make sure the road was clear before turning in to her path? It is her fault? I say NO! People need to watch for others on the road whether it be a motorcycle, a bicycle or a pedestrian. Do not point fingers at this young rider!
It is tragic. That I will agree with you, for the young lady, her family and the man who killed her. God bless them all.

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