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August 30, 2015

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Jon Becker
March 27, 2010

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This demonstrates that renting a house can be an expensive liability.

In the local neighborhood, the rental house may appear fine in the front, but when the occupants leave, there is usually a large dumpster that gets filled to the top. Sticking out are 2x4s, broken gypsum board, rugs, paint least $10,000 in damage per renter. The owner is lucky if the occupant hasn't taken the copper wires and plumbing fixtures.

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The experiment was done "at a western Pennsylvania drilling site..".

"a" means ONE. The site was chosen with the high probability of rendering the desired results. In this case, the fracking chemicals were thousands of feet below the water table and probably separated by shale or layers of rock that were never broken.

This experiment is contradictory to the 100s of observations an measurements that prove the opposite.

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Three days after George Zimmerman was found innocent, Marissa Alexander, a 32 year old African was sentenced in Florida to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot into the wall of her home to end a violent argument with her abusive husband.

Marissa feared for her life as her husband had a history of abuse and was capable of beating her to death. No one was hit by the bullet but the sentence was equivalent to manslaughter.

The Florida legal system as seen from its judgments, is clearly race based. The out come of verdicts aren't due to the specific words but the interpretation of those words.

Trayvon Martin was found guilty for defending himself against an aggressive stalker carrying a concealed weapon. He wanted Martin to think he was unarmed so that Martin would come close before being suprised. Zimmerman provoked a confrontation when he ignored police directions to stay in his car and instead, picked up his gun and began stalking Martin.

Zimmerman had no legal right to follow Martin or to stop or ask him any questions. Martin feared for his life but his existence was not on the innocent side of the law.

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