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August 30, 2015

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Sept. 17, 2008

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Any promoter who brings a game into a stadium, MUST adhere to the security needs of the Arena or Stadium deal. To blame it on the promoter - sure - he could have demanded more knowing how bad the Mexican fans can be. But, to not taking on extra costs for a game that did not sell tickets as well as everyone was made to expect - the guy could not add more expenses.

A big part of the blame has to be on the Sam Boyd
staff who did not do their homework. They SHOULD have demanded more security at this game. Clearly they did not do their homework - either. How many people want to point out this fact?

In regards to all of these comments about the MLS coming to Las Vegas and this hurting Las Vegas.

1. The MLS is expanding into NYC next with a 2nd team, with Miami & Orlando being looked at next. St Louis, San Diego, San Antonio, Atlanta and Charlotte are all in front of Las Vegas even being considered. So enough with Promoters and uneducated Sports Reporters buying into MLS coming to Vegas - it just is no where on the radar.

2. Where is Las Vegas in hosting any games for the Gold Cup or any US National Game of any kind? It is not a part of the conversation = period.

3. Real Madrid game priced out tickets to such crazy prices - $80 a ticket for the cheapest ones. Sorry - they never sold out. Mexican rivalry game - that had plenty of open red seats.

Las Vegas is not a mature soccer market yet. But, to not have Sam Boyd (who holds the keys to the Stadium - not a promoter) ask harder questions about security. When all one had to do is see the Mexico vs Costa Rica game at Azteca where they had security and still threw coins, cups, beer bottles, water bottles at Bryan Ruiz of Costa Rica while taking a corner kick - the game had to be stopped. Oh yeah - this was going to be a mello crowd?? Come on.

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When football has an AD who knows how to turn it around - then UNLV will be in great shape. Fact is that sport losing money can not continue and the next hire of a football coach has to work. There is no more Ault in Reno, so it is game on for who will lead this State.

Getting a new AD who does not view this job as a Country Club retirement opportunity is crucial. UNLV gets a young Asst AD from a SEC school - they would make Football work, build Baseball into a real power and hold Basketball accountable to get trophies and NCAA Tourney wins. Once fans see this commitment and Alums see more of a connection - that exists in every big time University Athletic Department - the money will come. The BYU connected people, the influencers who are there to line their wallets with UNLV $ - can be replaced by those who bleed UNLV colors. Rebel Sports will then be there for Alums, future students, the greater community - which is what University Sports Programs should be for. Livengood had football issues with Stoops at Arizona where they never consistently progressed, a new AD gets Rich Rodriguez and they go bowling in year 1. The town views itself as Major League. An Asst AD from an SEC School who gets Football, School Spirit, Alumni Involvement can get rid of the opportunists - get Football on track. Get the new stadium and be ready for conference expansion. That is what is at stake.

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Sad to say that the schedule up front could spell big trouble for UNLV. Non Conference Road Game at Big 10 Opponent with a Pac 12 now Semi Road Game at Arizona. Before this team gets to Reno or Hawaii it could be staring at a big hole to climb out of to get a winning record.

The problem is the many fans who think exactly like the comments above - they are never heard from. The same good old boys get their way. UNLV has never figured out how to get the vast majority of fans who follow football to care. Very smart and close market, locals know when they are having the wool being pulled over their heads. No matter what Channel 8 will tell you, who can make Mike Moser leaving for Oregon sound good for the Rebels. Reaching the large amount of football fans who are looking for solutions over excuses is what UNLV should be doing. But, when you hire people even in a caretaking role who have openly hired people who gave her business in roles with UNLV all while making threats to anyone else who supported other universities, How is that good PR? The Bowl Game sold tickets in three letters - BYU! Then Boise State. Without these schools - the game would not be what it is. Truth - how many straight games were either BYU or Boise in the game? Exactly.

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Good old boys club still exists - even as they have a caretaker as Interim GM. The large amounts of conflicts of interests that existed back to the John Robinson days - paying people who then paid you is all a part of it.
The entire department needs a clean slate, as doing good by serving the interest and writing checks to a certain non committed few for the few while watching football drown has not been a winning recipe. UNLV Grads, local Alums and local football fans can not be asked to spend gobs of money to then hang out with the so called special ones of Vegas who are only there due to the connections that they provide to those in power.
The even mention of DJ Allen - nice guy, who got inside UNLV Athletics due to helping Kruger's book, is just not the answer. Jerry Koloski, is been there for so long - what new ideas has he failed to present or implement under any of these past regimes? If it goes local - Stallworth has to be given the look, if it goes out of market it needs to go to a #2 at a Football Power School who can quickly evaluate right and wrong done in making UNLV Football go. Not an AD from a MAC School. The town wants to support football, but not how it is laid out right now - from Coaching to Marketing to scheduling quality home games out of town for money grabs.

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The Showboat days were awesome. With the WWE not coming to Vegas only a couple times a year, time really is right to bring wrestling back to a small venue. With so many people coming to Vegas from all over the country, if you can see some former WWE guys take on some new talent - this should really work. Long live Buffalo Jim!

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