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August 30, 2015

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Jerry Fink
Feb. 28, 2009

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renorobert: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." If a commercial firm treats you badly or with disrespect, you have the opportunity to spit in its eye by never dealing with it again and by telling everyone you know not to do business with it. There a number of huge corporations I no longer do business with, some I had bought products from for years, because of their employees attitudes or their taking stances I disgree with. I know I've cost at least a couple of them sales and I feel good about that. Unfortunately, they are dumb as dirt and haven't a clue. Too many folks are willing to put up with bad customer service, long lines, indifferent employees and shoddy treatment. I am not one of them. I hope you are not, either.

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You have to understand that the RTC is one of the most disfunctional among many disfunctional agency's Clark County has to offer. It constantly screws up as a way of growing the bureaucracy within so as to be able to squeeze more money out of a frustrated populace who seem blind to its arrogance and mismanagement. No matter where you live in populated parts of Clark County, you will have to put up with traffic cones for God only knows how long as little or no work is ever being done and the roadway is so bad it rattles your teeth to drive over it. As for synchronizing the traffic signals, forget-about-it! They seem incapable even in areas where the signals are less than a block apart. Take Valley View Blvd southbound from Washington past the Meadows mall, for instance. You'll sit at the red light at Bonanza while the southbound signal at the westbound 95 off-ramp (about a couple of hundred feet away) is green, goes to red, back to green and, finally, when the Bonanza light finally turns gree, back to red. So here you sit again, idling away that costly fuel and polluting the air. Then you just may get the red signal at the eastbound 95 off-ramp. Then, again, at the exit from Meadows. And, finally at Meadows Lane, itself. I have to wonder who exactly is charge of the mopes working for the RTC and why they haven't been fired long ago? It's a disgrace!

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Since 2008, Dumbocratically controlled Detroit has overspent its revenues by a whopping $100 million per year. They caved to every union demand for raises, perks and pensions in order to insure union backing and this is the result. Detroit's plunge into the economic sewer is an omen for thoughtful, concerned and thrifty American's of all races, religions, genders and political persuasions. It's also a glimpse of the future for the United States as a whole if we continue to allow Dumbocrats to spend us into bankruptcy. They aren't called the "tax & spend" party for no reason. Continue voting for these wolves in sheep clothing at your own peril.

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Hold on, Gerry. Are you actually saying that drinking a Coke or Pepsi is a vice? Puleeeze. If that's the case, anything can be labeled a "vice." I don't disagree that too much of anything can be bad for a person; I only object to whackos Like Michael Bloomberg making it illegal for folks to choose their own poison when it comes to how much soda thay consume in one sitting. I never drink sugary beverages. I also never add salt to anything I eat. That's my choice. But why should I stop you from doing so? And why should pencil-pushing government drones?

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Bradley, take a cold shower. You are need of it. If Don can't see the difference between giving information to a private company voluntarily and government snooping, then he's not paying attention. As Michael points out, with a private company you choose to deal with them or not. Try that with the IRS or the NSA. Having said that, I am ambivalent about the NSA and its program. I, too, don't want to be blown up while shopping or going to a movie. I believe this whole thing is no easy matter for us to decide. There has to be a middle ground somewhere. Wouldn't you agree?

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