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July 22, 2008

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And for those Floridians and others! Half day is from 8 to 11:30. It does not get out at 2 or 3 as AshleyAshley stated. Most teachers have to teach an afternoon class and morning class, and could have as many as 70 students during the day. "Crowd Control"

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There is obviously a dirth of people who do not know how Kinder works in Nevada. Schools like Culley, Booker, and Kit Carson have full day Kinder, free of charge. Those schools use Title 1 funding for that. Last year a number of schools entered the Title 1 ranks and thus were given funding for full day Kinder.


You hit the nail on the head. Because of the make up of our citizenry, we are not able to fund ecucation as it should be. This includes universal full day kinder for all kids. In the end, not funding K is costing us more money in the form of more remedial programs for underperforming students.

J. Patrick,

No study of the effects of full day has been done where students from full day are put into only classes with students from full day through 3rd grade, with half day kids being separated and kept in the same classes through 3rd. This would show the truth! As a person who has taught all 4 of those grades, I can tell you there is a difference, and it costs the teacher valuable time to catch the half dayers up. Time taken from the kids that did full day, and thus helps to cause the equalization by third grade.

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Hey Patrick,

How about this as a solution! It would make the North squirm anyway. Begin a petition to create the new state of Southern Nevada! Then all the ranchers and miners can pay their own freight. We basically have taxation with unequal representation here in the south and we are sending our money to King Sandival so he can solidify his northern base, which he needs to win elections.

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Roslenda, Why do you hate CCSD so much! Did you have a bad experience. I do not understand why you think you should be able to spew lies. You have no way of knowing if what you say is true. Did you physically count the kids in school to verify your claim? I can tell you that the state does just that as I assist them in this process myself. There has never been a significant discrepancy one way or another in the counts. Usually they are right on.

It must be that you cannot stand that people continue to have to fund schools, and wish for our kids to be out on the street selling chickletts like in Tiajuana!

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Wow, 50 million dollars! That is great. Just to put that in perspective, the budget for one elementary public school in clark county is about 2.5 million dollars per year. Adelson's donation would operate an elementary school for 20 years without charging tuition. This is if you didn't take into account the interest 50 million generates. The fact these 3 schools need that much money to operate indicates how underfunded public schools are.

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