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August 30, 2015

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Jan. 18, 2008

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correction: therminol is just a heat transfer fluid used in a closed loop system - it is not burned in the process. It's used to heat water to generate steam to run a conventional steam turbine.

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Hold on now, there are many people who enjoy and embark on adventures of various kinds. True, there are the irresponsible ones who do not plan or prepare themselves well; but then there are those of us who plan and prepare well, and sometimes accidents or events just happen unexpectedly. How many accidents did we see out on our roads today? Should those people have looked at the forecast and stayed home rather than going out, and be executed also? of course not. here is some interesting insight into the conundrum of should SAR teams charge for rescues or not.

not everybody likes to hike into the wilderness, even on a good sunny day. hopefully those folks stick to going to the mall while we get to enjoy the great outdoors.

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methinks the author misunderstands the former - the refuge complex is now new, it's already designated as such - four refuges - what is new is the land use plan itself which until now the complex had no formal mgmt plan.

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fjnance32 and I don't always agree on things, but I usually find her/his responses being fact-filled and original. Certainly not as emotionally charged as others.

Onion's challenge of identifying a large-scale renwable project accident: there are no large-scale renewable projects in operation in this country. Renewable projects so far in operation are small. But the big ones are coming, that's for sure, and with them will be disasters: earth-shifting from geothermal plants; hazardous air pollutants from solar plants (e.g., Nevada Solar One in Boulder City); heat transfer fluid (i.e., isopentane or similar fluids) leaks (stored by the millions of gallons at solar thermal plants); ice and tornados bringing down wind turbines......matter of time.

(Suggest removal) 2/9/09 at 3:17 p.m.

Who writes this stuff?!? Most of the corridors from Dept of ENERGY (BLM was only a cooperating agency) followed existing corridor alignments. the southern half of NV has severe land restrictions because of the test site, the refuge, and a multitude of other protected areas. The process for designating these corridors is beneficial in consolidating routes for new utilities. and by the way, anyone can still propose routes for utilities such as pipelines and power lines anywhere they choose - they don't have to follow these designated corridors. DOE's record of decision doesn't necessarily streamline the permitting process.

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