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April 25, 2015

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TLC pulls the plug on Las Vegas-based reality TV series ‘Sin City Rules’


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Alicia Jacobs is flanked by Chippendales dancers Gavin McHale, Nathan Minor, John Rivera and Sami Eskelin at the “Sin City Rules” red carpet at the Venetian on Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012.

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Jennifer Harman, Lori Montoya, Lana Fuchs, Amy Hanley and Alicia Jacobs of TLC's "Sin City Rules" at the Venetian on Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012.

Confusion reigns today over conflicting reports of the fate of “Sin City Rules.” Two of the Las Vegas cast members have said that they’ve been told TLC has canceled the brawling and boisterous reality TV series, and they have sent online announcements of the decision.

Last Tuesday’s or this Tuesday’s episode will reportedly be the last to be aired on the cable TV network, leaving the final three episodes in limbo.

However, TV cameras will still roll this week to capture footage to be edited into the series. Vegas DeLuxe has learned those remaining three episodes will air on the network’s U.S. website and also fulfill previous overseas syndication deals for the eight episodes in its entirety.

Neither the network nor the production company, Evolution Media, has made any official statement about the fate of “Sin City Rules.”

Las Vegas TV reporter Alicia Jacobs, who was constantly harassed and harangued on “Sin City Rules” by Lana Fuchs, the Billionaire Mafia owner who referred to herself as “God,” issued the following statement this afternoon:

“I love working with TLC and Evolution Media on ‘Sin City Rules’ but really wish that a couple of my cast members had behaved in a manner befitting the high caliber of women I’ve always known to represent our amazing city.

“TLC & Evolution Media are two incredible powerhouses, both of whom create some of the best programming on TV. They have also afforded me the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and hard-working crews I’ve ever known ... true perfectionists.

“It is a privilege to be invited into viewer’s homes, and that is something I always take very seriously. I hope that my cast mates are appreciative of this fact.

“I have said from Day One, I will always take the high road, and despite some pretty horrible mistreatment by some of my cast mates, I never once behaved in any manner other than a dignified one, as well as representing my hometown of Las Vegas as best I can.

“Reality TV will absolutely bring out the best in some and the worst in others. Besides the honor of working with Evolution and TLC, I can honestly say that I have been humbled and delighted by the kind of unexpected support and new fan base from all over the world.

“And, thankfully, ‘Sin City Rules’ has already achieved at least one of my goals ... opened a very exciting new door, through which I’m about to walk, and I look forward to sharing it with everyone very soon!

“Happy New Year!”

Check back to Vegas DeLuxe for more on this breaking story, and read our Las Vegas Sun colleague Editor at Large John Katsilometes’ story just posted in The Kats Report.

Robin Leach has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past decade giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

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  1. Really Robin, do you think this is good journalism? What about reaching out to the other cast-mates? What about their feelings? Again this is one sided? Their were five women on this show, you take a comment from one women and feature her but not the rest, like you have in the past! How unfair is this? This is NOT how Las Vegas does things....

  2. This is the REAL Amy Hanley from Sin City Rules. I am using my mothers account as mine was hacked. Robin I tweeted you earlier this week asking you to explain why YOU NEVER called me personally to confirm I sent that email you posted in an article that had only my name on it? In addition I thought you and Alicia hated each other? Now you are defending her. Alicia hear me when I say this, I know about Nick. Bill H contacted me today. I was also shown pics that proves you, lana and lori knew each other from the Miss USA 2009 pageant. Alicia you have spun a web of lies here that has begun to unravel. Alicia I never did anything to you. I only tried to be a friend. I never knew you would do what you have done. I also know who else was involved. Robin I am sad to see you would use your column and journalism talents to promote this women as a victim again. She isn't the victim. Robin I can only hope you realize too much damage has been done by Alicia for me to walk away from this and pick up the pieces. Alicia I promise this. I will never say anything that isn't true about you. I will only speak the truth. I will not tell lies, defame, slander or harm you in any manner that you have done to me. I will only speak of what you have done to me and provide the proof of it to the media. I have had enough. I am sure you went on a wild goose chase to the reporter you think is about the break the story that I met with on Monday. I will no longer tell anyone of my stuff as I don't trust anyone around me now that I have seen and in possession of the real truth. Thank you Bill for coming and finding me. Thank you Ash for coming and finding me. I do have children and do not deserve what has been done. Alicia it's time for you to look in the mirror and see the pain and hurt you have caused others. It is over now. Rule #1 about Amy: I will only allow you to see what I want you to perceive of me. I will give you what I want you to know so I know exactly where it comes from.

  3. BTW I have taken screen captures of it all and posted on other sites to ensure the comments are not deleted. Nothing was violated in these comments and I am allowed to say the truth on here. I know these will get back to Alicia.

  4. This show could have been interesting....but it had no premise, kind of like the real house wives of wherever....loaded people with no goals in life, at least goals they're expressing in the show. If these women were interesting or talented, it wasn't editing in. Sad and discouraging. I tried to watch an episode but coudln't make it through.

  5. Having an IQ above 25 is why I didn't enjoy this show.

  6. Well at least they didn't cancel Honey Boo Boo.

  7. I think the only 2 barely recognizable names were Alicia Jacobs and if you followed poker then Jennifer Harmon's name was familiar - The others on the show - who are they anyway? I saw the ads for the show but was never into any of the 'Housewives....' shows anyway so I didn't bother to watch.

  8. Just watching the promos for this trash was enough for most people!

  9. Don't know Alicia's story. Don't know if it's true. I do know Lana Fuchs behavior on the show was beyond reprehensible. An embarrassment for all.

    The only one I had heard of prior was Jennifer Harmon. Never heard of Amy Hanley and her mob father. As I know a few things about the Mob in Vegas, the names that come to mind are Spilotro, Rosenthal, Gold Rush gang, et al. Tom Hanley doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry.

    Alicia Jacobs? On and off reporter that garnered no real attention.

    In the end the "girls" all seemed like publicity seeking mongers prone to back biting, nonsense behavior and foul language. This show didn't showcase "Las Vegas lives" but was an insult to the town. Anyone who needs to start their bio out with "I am God" has lost me right there. Anyone who needs to put their life out there with a "look who I am" attitude has lost me.

    Good riddance to the show. I think it was an total embarrassment for all involved.

  10. Lol, how sad and pathetic that Amy and her Mom Wendy keep going to every article and site trying to seem relevant. No one knows who you are and no one cares. Seriously, the limelight is not your thing. Get real lives like real folks. Stop trying to make a buck off some decades old murders. Dig a hole and bury it, where it belongs.

  11. Sorry, Alicia, but the real "high caliber" women of Las Vegas would not be caught dead on a reality show like Sin City Rules. You were willing to get down in the mud with these women you now disparage, all for the sake of furthering your career. Whining about it is inappropriate and disingenuous.

  12. First of all TLC should have never selected a so called entertainment reporter to be on the show-I couldn't stand her from day 1 always playing with people's minds and whining about being a victim is so 11th grade BS so I hope Alicia really has a job cause the drama is over.

    I hope Lana Fuchs gets another show cause there's nothing wrong with being real about reading people so many people are afraid canceling A Las Vegas Reality TV-Guess they couldn't handle the Las Vegas Heat-lol
    TLC make us watch Honey Boo Boo and all those Amish shows and claims they are a hit-Pure BS

  13. The show being cancelled was a blessing...I'd like to know who at TLC felt this was a fair and accurate depiction of the "women" of Las Vegas.

  14. watched that "show" for about 5 minutes once. total garbage. the women on it are utterly classless.

  15. I watched this show because I am someone who genuinely loves the city of Las Vegas. I HAD hoped that it would feature interesting women doing positive things. Well, I should have known better from a network that brought the plague that is Honey Boo Boo to the planet.

    The only people I even recognized were Jen Harmon (because I'm a fan of watching poker) and Alicia Jacobs (as I follow a bunch of media folks on Twitter and FB) . It wasn't hard to gather info on Lana Fuchs from the internet - along with footage of her "original" face and her previous forays of trying to break into 'reality' tv. Within 15 minutes of watching the first show all I saw were women behaving badly, tearing each other up, or playing victim. I gave the first episode a grain of salt - as maybe this was just the way the producers wanted it edited. But after watching that Lana women repeatedly mock and ridicule someone else for their plastic surgery (meanwhile her own face is so damn tight her hairline basically starts behind her EARS!) I couldn't take it anymore. I mean these women seemed like overgrown "mean girls". I literally sat there with my mouth agape as these women screamed at each other like drunken college girls. PS - maybe someone wants to tell that other Fuchs sister that perhaps she should lay off the sauce, because all her profanity and screaming showed her to be a horrible, sloppy drunk. None of you are 20 - clearly, try and act a bit more mature.

    And please, for the love of Pete can someone advise Amy Hanley that her parentage is nothing to be proud of? Lady, your father was a thug and murderer (and not even a top level enforcer from all of the reading I've done about the Mob in Vegas) who from what I read in your mothers book basically terrorized her - she didn't know if he'd kiss her on the cheek or have her dig her own grave in the desert, with a gun to her head. What is it exactly that there is to be SO proud of? That kind of mad family drama belongs on a Jerry Springer episode - not with you smugly bragging about "we put the sin in sin city". And then having a crying jag because of basically a bowel movement on television? Wow. I mean wow. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. TLC should be embarrassed by itself for even sanctioning all the idiotic drama with a series.

    I wonder what the REAL powerful women of Las Vegas, like the Carolyn Goodman's or Elaine Wynn's would say about this 'nouveau riche' trashy behavior? I for one am glad it the show was cancelled, because I know there are classier women than what was portrayed on that show in the city.