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November 20, 2017

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Keep the Spirit Alive

I’m tired of the long faces, the brooding over little things and the anger against almost everything. If we are ever going to transition to a new economy and get over this latest recession, it’s going to take a positive attitude and spirit from both the private and public sectors.

In comparison to what could be, things are pretty good. Sure, I know that many people are not working or have had to scale back, but there are signs of new job creation and spending over the holidays was back to pre-2007 levels. That signals that things are on the way up and hopefully unemployment rates will begin to drop as people transition to new jobs.

We need to be skeptical of what some in our country want us to believe. And just because they talk louder than we do or use an angry tone, it does not make them right. Use your own judgment and decide things for yourself. The glass cannot be half-empty all of the time. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Be grateful for what you do have. Whenever you are down, remember that it is your attitude that controls your emotions. Think about all of the good in your life and you will find that there are many aspects that are positive. It is important to reflect on the good, as it helps us frame and put in perspective the setbacks each of us are dealt. My guess is that it is probably not as bad as it seems most of the time.

A positive attitude is contagious. We all know that person: The one who always has a smile on his face. We like to talk to him, he brings our attitude up and we love to have him in our organization or our our team. People like to be associated with others who are positive. A positive person is a game changer. He exudes confidence and empowers others to also be positive. Approaching your work with a positive attitude makes a creative difference, makes the project more enjoyable for all involved, and improves the quality of the work.

There is only one chance to make the right first impression. Attending a meeting with a smile on your face makes a better first impression than not. Nothing is worse than meeting someone for the first time and knowing that he is not happy and doesn’t have a positive attitude. Is that the first impression you want to leave with someone?

Be the spirit bearer in your organization. A few years ago, one of my partners told me that at his former firm, one of the partners was known as the “feel-good” partner. He was the one with the ever-positive attitude and the one with whom every employee loved talking. I’m sure he had to deal with all of the same issues as the other partners, but he was the one who kept things in perspective and was able to maintain a positive attitude. My partner is similar to that guy, able to keep a positive attitude most of the time. We have dubbed him the “spirit bearer” in our organization. Are you the spirit bearer of yours?

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