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July 25, 2017

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I bet the Democrats wish Bob Coffin would shut up about taxing everybody

Every time he mentions taxes -- and he did it again -- the Senate Taxation chairman invites GOP Chairwoman Sue Lowden to take a swipe, this time in a quite sardonic way. (She still doesn't seem to realize that she is obliquely attacking any Senate Republicans who have said they might support a tax increase -- including her good friend, Minority Leader Bill Raggio.)

Here's the latest Lowden praise for Coffin telling the truth (Stop doing that Bob, the Ds cry!)

“Senator Coffin, for the second time in as many weeks, has again promised his intention to increase taxes on every business and individual in the state. And while that is quite a horrifying scenario given the state of our economy, the national recession and Nevada’s unprecedented high unemployment, Senator Coffin does deserve credit for being honest, open and forthcoming with a plan. Unlike his leaders in both the Senate and the Assembly, Bob Coffin has made it crystal clear that he wants to sacrifice the private sector in an attempt to avoid government reforms and spending restraint. One thing sure not to survive this year if Chairman Coffin get his way is Nevada’s low and attractive tax structure that helps our state recruit new businesses, jobs, capital investment, spending and … tax revenue.

“The majority of Republicans in Nevada, however, understand that such a plan is doomed to fail. And, if we destroy the private sector, who will fund the public sector?

“While Bob Coffin ponders that question, we would respectfully request that he urges Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley and Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford to come forward, in the light of day, before the voters and taxpayers of Nevada, and declare their intentions on how to solve Nevada’s economic crisis. Either they believe the state should demonstrate fiscal restraint and reform, or they believe that the private sector hasn’t been damaged enough through huge revenue declines, job loss and significant loss of productivity and it’s time for additional suffering.

“We have now entered the third week of the 2009 legislative session. It has been a month since the Governor proposed his budget, which the Democrat leadership quickly attacked, scorned and declared dead … all without a single mention of a policy or plan of their own to help Nevada’s working families get out of these difficult times. Do Barbara Buckley and Steven Horsford not even have an explanation on why they have no plan? Do they have a plan, but one they have little faith in? Do they truly have no plan at all? Do the media, the voters and the taxpayers not have a right to some answers?

“Nevada Republicans are calling for answers. Even if we don’t agree with the policies set forth by our legislative leaders, we do deserve answers on where this debate is going. Legislative leaders can do as the Governor has done and declare their position on spending and taxes, or they can continue to try to hide in their backrooms with special interests and union bosses, shielding working men and women from any answers at all.

“It is our hope that Senator Bob Coffin will use his talents of being candid and outspoken and urge his legislative leaders to show their plan, if indeed they even have one.”

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