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July 5, 2022

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The GOP civil war continues: Muth vs. Brezny

Operative Joe Brezny, who has been the state Senate GOP caucus' main main for awhile, decided to engage Chuck Muth, the activist who has been pounding Sen. Bill Raggio and others on taxes. This underscores the tensions that are building -- and it's only February.

The emails:


Dear Chuck,

I like your column. I’m an avid reader. I think you’re writing is funny. But since you’re such a devoted writer who upholds the highest standards of journalism, I thought I would drop you a line and let you know of a few corrections to your recent “Ghost Writer” post.

First of all, I thought you actually knew Sen. Raggio. If you think that a junior staffer like myself who humbly works from a tiny desk in the coffee/break room of the minority offices could manage to convince Sen. Raggio to put his name on anything that I write, then I feel it’s time for an intervention. Put the bong down, Chuck. Just put it down and walk away.

Once you’ve detoxed, you’ll realize that a more likely scenario is that Sen. Raggio actually penned the letter himself. Since I’m a smart junior staffer I reviewed the draft and asked him not to send it. After he said no, I asked him to edit it. He said no again. And since he is the one who had the guts to put his name on a ballot and win an election, he gets to make that call.

I’m confused on one thing: you were in the building earlier this week. It seems like it would be vastly easier to get both sides of the story if you actually talk to both sides. Perhaps it’s easier to print rumor and innuendo instead of actually getting the facts. But next time you’re in the building and have questions about me, be a man and come talk to me about it in person.

Best Wishes,

Joe Brezny

Muth resonds:

Getting the facts first, huh? You mean the way you and/or Sen. Raggio called me first about the Goedhart letter? Oh, that's right. That never happened.

Nice try, Joe. But you can't have it both ways.

As for your schoolyard "be a man" taunt, it's already been used, Joe. Come up with something original, will ya...or hire a ghost-writer.


So, by your logic, not checking with both sides is.... wrong. But it's ok when you do it. Evidently in your world I can't have it both ways, but you can. Now that makes a ton of sense. You really got me with that argument. Ouch!

Please see my earlier "put the bong down" suggestion.




I didn't start this fight, Joe. You two did. But I'm more than happy to continue it if that's what you want. However, I suggest that maybe you better check with Sen. Raggio first and get permission. Let me know what he says.


Dear Chuck,

I know you're willing to continue this fight. You're willing to continue any fight, which is what makes you so predictable. But since your approach to party building has been about as effective as throwing cotton balls at Al-Qaida, I think I'll skip following any of your "expert" suggestions.

Have a good weekend, my friend.



Remind me again, Joe, how many Republican seats you picked up in the state Senate last year doing it "your" way?

Have a good weekend, yourself.

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