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November 27, 2022

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Harry Reid is the devil, the Constitution rocks, government stinks and more….

Here's a series of Tweets I sent from the first forum in the 2010 Senate race as nine GOP candidates gathered at the Railroad Pass Casino:

First 2010 U.S. Senate debate with GOPers in Henderson about to start. Snow White and dwarves here. Like to say electricity in air. Can't.

Now saying too many candidates to "debate." Each will talk for a few. Still might be here all day. Counting times Harry Reid's name cursed.

Room at RR Pass Casino is jammed. More than 100. Lowden working room. Tark has kid on lap. Lots of Dump Harry Reid shirts.

Hyper-Reid-hater Sherm Frederick is moderator. Apparently he also has sinecure with pseudo-journalism outlet. Calls it "momentous" event.

Lowden first. Gives bio. NJ to NV. Says left TV career cause husband asked her Grew biz with him "without stimulus." Attacks Reid on hcr.

Harry Reid has as little to do with Nevada today…..h has abs no eonenction backj to this state nay logner….

Lowden has to leave so 9 candidates gather for photo op. Now that is momentous! Snow White and dwarves in photo! I feel a tingle up my leg.

St. Sen. Mark Amodei up. Bio. Usual humor. Funniest guy in race. Even funnier than HR. Says HR "losing touch with people who gave him job."

Amodei: About being workhorse not showhorse.Says helped kill gross receipts tax in 03. Doesn't mention he sponsored billion-dollar tax inc.

Sharron Angle: Red is not dead. Here to org. Army to take out Harry Reid. HR too big to fail? No,he has failed. "Harry Reid, you're fired!"

Fought for our Constitution. Restored supermajority for taxes. Was part of '03 lawsuit.About taking our party back for conservative values.

Offers to take?s. Sign no-tax pledge? Duh, she says. Or words to that effect. ? on Feds and edu. Goes off on local control.

John Chachas. Wall Street guy from Ely. Angry at DC. Says HR has no connection to NV anymore. This from guy who left state at age 17.

Articulate discussion of financial crisis from Chachas. Says unemployment here will be 15 percent in 5 months. Criticizes Reid on policies.

Compares Reid to Nicholson character in Few Good Men. Says acts as if Nevadans can't handle truth. Nicholson as Reid? I bet HR loves that!

Chuck Kozak. Tall former military man and hoopster. Has edge on rest of foes, says, because has plan to reduce marginal rates to stim econ

More Kozak: Reduce spending. Obama--Reid-Pelosi. Mocks Gore, too. ZZZZ. Sorry, dozed off. Disses global warming. Inmates on charge in DC.

Kozak attacks Rory Reid! Says his "60-page manifesto" would lead to more corruption. Actually 30 pages and 10 are fluff. Which Reid is foe?

Bill Parson. Humor about Tester-like hairdo. Lost representation because no longer lived our lives according to values. 12 trillion in debt.

Parson: Losing liberty. Health care reform takes liberty. Unconstitutional. Hands out money to strangers all over the world. That's charity!

Danny Tarkanian: Says Frederick speaking to more GOP clubs than candidates. "Another one tonight," Frederick tells crowd. Hmmmm.

Tark: Fed up with bullying tactics of electeds, corruption of fed govt. Reid out of touch. Lives in Ritz penthouse. Strongest HR assault.

Tark: Did own town hall on hcr. Continues to lambaste Reid as having policies " that will devastate our country." Beating HR in polls.

Tark: Ends with HR light bulb joke and has young daughter give answer. Crowd loves it. Joke not bad. Will try to put in Sun column tomorrow.

Robin Titus: Rural doc. Says no relation to Dina Titus. Applause. Says one tough gal. Marathons. Mt. Kil. and Everst. Common goal: oust HR.

Titus: HCR is scariest legis ever. Bad new mammogram guidelines. Supports portability. Need to reward good health care choices. Tort refrm

Titus: nation watching NV. Can't let secular progressives destroy foundation of our nation. Crowd loves that line.

Mike Wiley: Nation at war. At war with people in DC because "so damn arrogant." Imitates Chinese man saying pic worth 1,000 words. Yikes.

Wiley: Nazis took Jews' guns Won't let happen. Was talk radio host in FL. Says would have given gun to Hillary if she came. Yikes. Again.

And that's all, folks. Frederick says you should say you were there on day it started. Will post tweets on blog. Column tomorrow. Thrilling.

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