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August 25, 2019

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Final early vote/absentee numbers for Clark County: 10 percent turnout

FINAL NUMBERS: 56,458 in person, 14,136 by mail, so total just made it over 10 percent of active voters. About 11,000 total in the new congressional district in that competitive primary, which is 15 percent. Turnout for the county after Tuesday's balloting is unlikely to be much more than 15 percent or so.

DAY 13 UPDATE: One day left and new totals: 50,567 at at the polls, 13,715 by mail. That's a little more than 9 percent.

DAY 12 UPDATE: Two days left and new totals are 46,250 at at the polls, 13,126 by mail. That's less than 9 percent.

DAY 11 UPDATE: New total are 41,720 at at the polls, 12,656 by mail. That's less than 8 percent.

DAY 10 UPDATE: New totals, with new mail counted: 37,109 at the polls, 11,835 by mail. That's 7 percent.

DAY NINE UPDATE: The totals after Sunday (no mail counted on weekends): 32,464 have voted early and that brings total to more than 43,000 before mail tallied today. That's a little mote than 6 percent.

DAY EIGHT UPDATE: About 5,000 people voted early Saturday in Clark County, bringing the total to 29,065. That's a little more than 4 percent. Add in the counted mail ballots (they don't count on weekends) bring the total to just under 6 percent.

DAY SEVEN UPDATE: Total early voters in Clark County now at 24,844 and absentees at 10,607 --that's 5 percent. So unless there is a surge in the second week, I still set the over/under at 20 percent for the primary in Southern Nevada.

DAY SIX UPDATE: Total early voters in Clark County now at 21,485 and absentees at 9,759 --that's 4.5 percent. I'm thinking 20 percent may be optimistic....

DAY FIVE UPDATE: Total early voters in Clark County now at 18,016 and absentees at 8,761 -- that's about 4 percent. I'm overwhelmed.

Here are statewide numbers

DAY FOUR UPDATE: Total early voters in Clark County now at 14,317 and absentees at 6,336 -- that's nearly 3 percent. Enthusiasm!

UPDATED: Big drop off in turnout on Day 2 of early voting in Clark County -- 2,699. That's a total of 7,065 early voters (1 percent) and 4,238 absentee voters (.6 percent). Only 281 more GOP voters in the new congressional district and 74 more in that state Senate primary between Democratic incumbent John Lee and Patricia Spearman. I have to believe there will be even fewer on Memorial Day. The voters' imagination has not been captured....

About as many people have voted early as have sent in absentee ballots after the first day this Memorial Day weekend, Clark County Election Department figures reveal -- and turnout, as expected, is very low.

Perhaps surprisingly, about 1,200 more people turned out Saturday than four years ago on the first day of early voting -- 4,366 this year -- despite the holiday weekend. But that's still well under 1 percent of active Clark County registered voters -- add in the 4,238 voters who have cast mail ballot so far and the totals reach 1.2 percent. Not exactly enthusiasm personified.

Some numbers to remember on the first of 14 days:

----In that GOP primary for the new congressional seat, only 498 Republicans turned out Saturday and 580 have voted by mail -- that's 1.5 percent. So no enthusiasm there yet, either. Rural totals will be available next week.

----In that state Senate District 1 primary, featuring Democratic incumbent John Lee vs. Patricia Spearman, only 170 Democrats turned out on the first day while 71 have voted by mail -- that's a little more than 1 percent.

Similar totals in other supposedly competitive races -- very low -- leading me to believe the turnout will not be much more than 20 or 25 percent in Southern Nevada.

One more note: 48 percent in Clark County were Democrats and 42 percent were Republicans. Hard to draw any meaningful conclusions from those numbers -- or any of these yet, besides the lack of excitement.

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