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Episode 6: ‘Team Cocky’


Spike TV

The cast of The Ultimate Fighter No. 10 poses for a shot for the popular reality show that debuts on Sept. 16 on Spike TV.

Alright, here we go with Episode No. 6 on the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter.

This is just a guess, could be totally wrong, but I’m predicting we get a little more Kimbo than we did in the previous two episodes. They’ve been hinting that he’s coming back for awhile now and I think the time has come.

The Episode

Episode starts with Darrill Schoonover being portrayed as the house drunk. He’s shown carrying around Bud Lights and pouring whiskey at 8 in the morning. Nice.

Surprise, surprise: The next scene shows Darrill struggling at a Team Rashad workout. His teammates rat him out to Rashad that he’s been drinking at all hours of the day. This is one of those moments where you’re kind of like…Seriously? A guy that came here to compete in mixed martial arts can’t put down the sauce? Is this real? Or is this real-ity TV? Either way, things get even better when Darrill tells Rampage he’d beat him in his own 205-pound weight class.

The fighters gather to see who will fight next. Rashad chooses his own Darrill Schoonover to face Zak Jensen. After the matchup is announced, Darrill gets into it with Rampage again, even to the point where he walks up to get in Rampage’s face.

Rampage’s joking tone turns serious quick, when he dares Darrill to walk up to him again to see what happens.

Rashad once again shows why his team is undefeated by doing what a good coach would do: Stepping in and defending his fighter.

Dana White puts some clarity on the situation, saying that Darrill may just want to put up with the ‘titties’ name calling because getting into a fight with Rampage may not be the smartest thing.

Back at the house, Jensen continues to find himself getting picked on by the rest of the group. Wes Sims even starts a pool where each guy in the house picks a day he believes Jensen will finally snap and either fight someone, cry or just disappear into the night.

Cameras follow Schoonover to his training session where Rashad reveals that the gameplan is to keep Jensen on his feet against the cage.

Getting to Rampage’s side of things, he unveils a painting of ‘Team Cocky’, a caricature of Team Rashad that includes Schoonover being painted with a female body part — you can probably guess which one.

And here it is! Did I not call this? Jensen suffers a cut while rolling at practice and camera immediately pans to the alternate in waiting, Kimbo Slice! Who says, ‘Yes. I get to bang again.’

Of course it’s never that easy, and Jensen could still be cleared to fight as long as the cut isn’t too bad. Jensen says there’s no way the cut will keep him out, sorry Kimbo.

Team Rashad comes back in for their training session where Rashad finds the painting and hides it from his team so that, mostly, Darrill doesn’t see it and lose focus on his fight. My Kimbo prediction hasn’t completely come through, so here’s a makeup one. I believe we haven’t seen the last of the painting in this episode.

Leading up to the fight, Rampage gets to Schoonover’s locker room and writes ‘Titties’ under his name.

Fight begins and Darrill moves Jensen in a clinch towards the cage. The clinch breaks towards the middle of the Octagon and Darrill lands four to five great strikes before Jensen clinches again. Darrill basically pulls guard and brings the fight to the ground where he tries to set up a triangle choke submission. Jensen does a decent job at staying conscious and tries to wear Darrill out by striking his face but…eventually the choke gets the job done and Steve Mazzagatti stops the fight. Team Rampage is now 0-6.

Best Moment

Rampage comes in for his team’s workout to find Darrill still in the middle of packing up his gear.

Rampage : I’m going to come up here early and watchin you titties. Why you hangiin around titties? Why you spying on us?

Darrill: I wasn’t spying on you. You know I’m gonna win right?

Rampage: You ain’t gonna win nothing titties. You’ll win a wet t-shirt contest.

Kimbo Watch

So I was wrong about Kimbo playing a bigger role in this episode, and maybe this is all we have left of Kimbo’s influence on this season. Maybe the best we can hope for is situations like this where fighters MAY not get to fight but then ultimately do.

Hey, there’s always the Finale in December to look forward to.

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