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November 19, 2017

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Press Release

Press Release - Nevada Solar Project on Federal Fast Track to Exclude 85% of Nevada

Published on Wed, Oct 3, 2012 (1:34 p.m.)

Nevada Solar Project on Federal Fast Track to Exclude 85% of Nevada
Construction Workers
Contact: Michele Daugherty, (775) 358-7888
For Immediate Release
October 3, 2012
Las Vegas, NV -
In early August, the Obama administration announced that two Nevada
solar projects would be fast tracked under a directive issued by President Barack
Obama, which ordered federal agencies to identify nationally or regionally significant projects and move them forward. While this seemed to be good news for Nevada’s struggling construction industry at the time, we now learn that the request for proposals issued on one of the two projects, plans to discriminate against non-union contractors.

K Road Power, developer of the Moapa Solar Energy Center, a proposed 200-
megawatt plant on 2,000 acres of the Moapa River Indian Reservation, issued a request for proposal that advised bidders they must use only electricians affiliated with a local IBEW union; this in spite of the factual statistics that show well over 80% of construction workers nationally and in Nevada choose to work without a union affiliation. ABC has long maintained that a true economic recovery in Nevada cannot occur until our construction industry is back on its feet; that industry cannot recover until the 85-90% that have freely chosen to be non-union are working as well. This is very disconcerting”, said ABC Nevada Chairman Cliff Springmeyer, “The entire construction industry is suffering, not just the union sector. It should not be hard to figure out that you cannot get the construction industry back to work in Nevada while telling 85% of the industry they don’t get to compete for jobs that are being advanced by the federal government”. ABC philosophy holds that both merit contractors and union
firms should be able to bid jobs and work side-by-side, free of coercion or outside interference to provide on-time, on-budget construction with safety, quality and cost effectiveness as its goal.

The Nevada Legislature moved aggressively in the last session to ensure that Nevada projects are employing Nevada based workers. That bi-partisan effort did not distinguish between union and non-union workers but identified all Nevada construction workers as critical to the economy. This development at the federal level is counterproductive to that objective. Associated Builders & Contractors of Nevada calls on the K Road Power developer of the Moapa Solar Energy Center and the Moapa Tribe to allow an equal opportunity to compete for all qualified Nevada workers.

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