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December 11, 2017

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Press Release

Israel’s Leading Animal Non-For-Profit Organization Sets To Visit The US

Published on Tue, Oct 9, 2012 (7:39 a.m.)

Let The Animals Live-Israel
Contact: Riva Mayer, Resource Development FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Tel: 972-50-8345073 (Israel)
Email: [email protected]

Israel’s Leading Animal Non-For-Profit Organization Sets To Visit THE US On October 24, 2012

Ms. Eti Altman and Ms. Riva Mayer plan to travel to the US to bring about awareness of the plight Israel’s unwanted, abandoned and sick animals go through on a day-to-day basis. They are set to attend Best Friend Animals Society’s national conference on October 25th-28th, 2012 in Las Vegas; and will then continue on this journey to Los Angeles, from October 29th to November 3rd, 2012. Their visit to the US is sponsored by the kind support of the Helen Doron Educational Group.
Let The Animals Live is faced with the daily travails of over 2,000,000 cats and dogs found to be in terrible condition throughout the state of Israel, and nearby territories. The reality that these homeless, abandoned, abused and neglected animals are subjected to is in sharp contrast to the modern face of Israel, which most tourists see when visiting the country. The condition that these animals are found in is not congruent and is unacceptable in a modern and advanced country such as Israel.
While our efforts are supported by the Israeli government (with Eti Altman receiving accolades from our president), there is no funding available to any animal welfare related matters. At the present moment, the climate in the Middle East is a dangerous one—and Israel’s animals are sure to be caught in the cross fire. As such, our budget is extremely limited, as the majority of the public is not supportive of our efforts. We struggle on a day-to-day basis to cover our expenses. Recently, we’ve had to close down our only facility which enabled us to care for animals in urgent need of rescuing.
Thus, we turn to animal lovers across the US (and those we’ll meet in Las Vegas and LA) to help us urgently raise much needed donations and support. With a possible war impending in our region, we desperately need a new facility to take in and care for animals in urgent need of rescuing and care. We greatly appreciate any media coverage we can get to help us get much needed exposure on this mission.
If you’d like more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact Riva Mayer at 972-50-8345073 (Israel number), or at [email protected]

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