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November 21, 2017

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Just in Time for the Holidays, a nut free bakery, Dreamy Desserts, opens in Las Vegas

Published on Tue, Nov 13, 2012 (11:20 a.m.)

Just in Time for the Holidays, a Nut Free Bakery - Dreamy Desserts, Opens in Las Vegas!

(November 13, 2012, Las Vegas, NV) Just in time for the holidays, Dreamy Desserts - a nut free bakery, has opened in the valley. Food allergy awareness is becoming more and more prevalent with the recent noticeable increase of those suffering from allergies, nuts being one of the most prominent allergens. Concern over cross contamination, especially for those with peanut and tree nut allergies, has prompted many manufacturers to print disclaimers on their labels noting when products were produced on shared equipment. For those with nut allergies, cross contamination from baked goods is a constant fear, where nuts and peanut butter are both common ingredients in bakeries. That’s why Dreamy Desserts, a completely nut free bakery, is a welcomed addition to the valley.

The inspiration for the bakery came when the founder, Penny Redlin, hosted a birthday party for her son Conner who suffers from peanut and tree nut allergies. She personally prepared the cake and other treats for the party. A family friend, whose son also has the same allergies, commented on how much he enjoyed fully participating in the festivities which included eating the birthday cake with the rest of the kids. Normally, he would not chance eating the cake for risk of cross contamination. Touched by this comment and realizing the need for such a bakery in the Las Vegas area, Penny decided to make the nut free bakery a reality.

Dreamy Desserts prepares cakes, cookies and cupcakes and just about anything sweet, provided it doesn’t call for nuts. For those suffering from nut allergies or those who want to be sensitive to others suffering from nut allergies, Dreamy Desserts is now available to cater to their sweet needs.

Though they are online only to start, Dreamy Desserts can deliver their treats anywhere within the valley and surrounding cities. To peruse their tempting offerings, visit them at

About Dreamy Desserts – Dreamy Desserts is an online bakery based in the Las Vegas area. The bakery was created in an effort to address the ever growing population of those suffering from peanut and tree nut allergies. Offering desserts made with safe ingredients on dedicated nut free equipment, the Dreamy Desserts is a welcomed relief for those who missed being able to order fresh baked sweets. Founder and Head Baker, Penny Redlin, whose son suffers from peanut and tree nut allergies, has been creating sweet tempting treats for over 20 years. Just about any dessert can be made but the most popular nut free desserts are their cookies, cupcakes and petite parfaits. Dreamy Desserts can be found at or by calling 702-688-0975

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