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November 20, 2017

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Press Release

Rare Bone Disease Needs Your Help

Published on Thu, Dec 13, 2012 (3:32 p.m.)

HPP-Choose Hope, Inc

David Heaps
HPP-Choose Hope

Rare Bone Disease Needs Your Help.

LAS VEGAS--As a rare bone disease Hypophosphatasia or (HPP) is overlooked when it comes to raising money for research, public awareness and patient assistance. HPP-Choose Hope is raising the bar and needs your help to meet the $25,000.00 goal by December 30, 2012.

HPP-Choose Hope which is located here in Las Vegas helps HPP patients all over the United States. “Right now we have a need to help a number of people with motorized scooters and chairs and without them some HPP patients may not be able to continue working.” according to David Heaps one of the founders of HPP-Choose Hope.
Hpp patients are missing the enzyme needed to metabolize minerals into the bones. This leaves their bones weak and fragile. David went on to say “one of the complications of having HPP is fractures heal slowly and patients have constant bone pain which limits there ability to walk or stand for any length of time.” You can start your day just fine and for no reason your body will just start to hurt. It’s not a muscle ache but more like hot bone pain in the long bones. They can hurt so bad you feel like someone hit you with a 2x4. It can last anywhere from hours to days, and the affected limbs can feel like their broken.

Someone can see you in the morning walking or at work and looking fine, and in the afternoon that same person can’t believe you can’t move. The bad part about Hypophosphatasia is that you look healthy but you are in chronic pain that stops you in your tracks. One day you can walk a box store just fine with little to no pain and you have no fatigue. The next day or even that same day walking around a mini mart seems like you are running a marathon. You barely have enough muscle strength to get around the store. There has been shopping trips to the grocery store and you have to leave the cart and struggle to get out to the car because there was no way you could stand in line to check out. You can go to their web site to get more information about HPP and information on how to donate.

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