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November 24, 2017

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Press Release

Henderson Man Publishes Children’s Book

Published on Tue, Jan 22, 2013 (2:31 p.m.)

Ken Hinman of Henderson has published a children’s book about a tractor named Jimmy John. This story isn’t about just any tractor but it’s about the 1944 John Deere tractor he grew up on farming in western Nebraska. Ken’s father sold it many years ago. He searched for it and found it sitting in a fence row in very bad condition. He bought it and took it to his home in Mississippi. There he restored it to almost its original condition. A friend asked Ken to tell him about the tractor. Ken told him the entire story of the tractor. After hearing the story his friend remarked, “That would make great children’s story book.” Ken thought about it and started writing.

Publishers were not interested in the story so it was sent to Ken’s niece, who is a writer. She edited it and sent it to some publishers and again they were not interested.

Kens niece and another niece, who is an artist, and his two daughters decided it was just too good of a story not to be published. They got backers from family and friends, and on his birthday presented him a draft copy of the book. Ken admits it was a rather emotional scene.

It has taken nearly 14 years, but the book is available for sale through Ken’s website,, and many online book sellers including, and . You can even find the book on the store shelves of our local Barnes and Noble in Henderson. The name of the book is “Jimmy John the Tractor.”

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