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November 20, 2017

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Aussie Hypnotist Supercharges Vegas Super Bowl Fans’ Lovelives

Published on Mon, Jan 28, 2013 (3:46 p.m.)

Partners of football fans, feel neglected no more. Matthew Hale has a sneaky technique to transfer that passion to other parts of their life - whether that be the kitchen, or the bedroom!

With the Superbowl this weekend signalling the end of football for another season, many fans are just about to feel that yearly pang of withdrawal symptoms and emptiness. However, Aussie comedy hypnotist Matthew Hale, currently in Vegas, has the ideal technique for their partners to sneakily redirect the passion and enthusiasm into something worthy rather than letting it die out.

During the season an average fan can spend many hours a week working on footy tipping, creating fantasy football teams, talking about the games, reading about the games, attending games, watching televised games etc. so it's no wonder that for some, every social conversation during the season becomes football related.

Using an "anchoring" method, Hale says that by simply squeezing your partner's right shoulder, seemingly lovingly, during a number of moments of high positive emotion in the weekend’s big game, will subconsciously link that squeeze with feeling fantastic.
All that's left to do is give that shoulder a squeeze again when asking your partner to help with dinner, or suggesting an early evening to bed, and the passion for that activity will suddenly accelerate.

Hale, currently in Las Vegas sharing his ideas with US hypnotists at a global seminar, says he's trying to break the stereotype of turning people into chickens (his comedy shows come with a 100% Chicken Free Guarantee!), and instead use hypnosis for fun in everyday life.

Matthew Hale, winner of 3 Australian comedy awards, is in Las Vegas until Saturday, and is available for interview by phone 702 497 1703, or in studio, and is happy to take part in a live demonstration of hypnosis on air.
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