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September 21, 2017

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Press Release

Sponsors needed to print suicide prevention booklet

Published on Mon, Feb 4, 2013 (9:37 a.m.)

A first of its kind self-help suicide prevention guide booklet is now ready for publication, but we lack funds to print and distribute this much needed guide to our Military, VETs, crises centers, and public schools.
January 31, 2013
Military vet discovers breakthrough for the suicidal
Good news! What you are about to read is a game changer in the field of suicide prevention.
This is very exciting!
“There is no substitute for experience!” Matthew D. Dovel, Suicide Prevention Expert.
Did you know that 1 U.S. military personnel and close to 22 Vets choose to end their own life each day? Even more alarming, over 100 Americans choose to end their life each day! These are very shocking statistics to me and I hope that they are to you as well. But, these statistics have been the driving force behind my obsession to find a solution. It all started in 1987 after my own attempted suicide and I knew after that experience there must be another way. Now, after over twenty-five years of field research and working with the suicidal and survivors, I’ve written a, first of its kind, suicide prevention guide booklet.
A suicide prevention self-help guide pocket booklet that can reduce or desensitize the emotions attached to a perceived traumatic experience or future anxiety creating incident, and it can change current behaviors through healthy new living habit techniques.
An unconventional holistic approach to address a human condition with easy to follow instructions
• How to reduce suicide rates
• Methods for promoting healthy mental behavior
• How to identify an at risk individual
• Procedures for reducing and/or eliminating suicidal thoughts
Professionally endorsed by medical, and other experts.


By Matthew D. Dovel
President of International Suicide Prevention
UP DATED 1/2013

Self-help for individuals that have had and/or are having suicidal thoughts.

The materials in this suicide prevention guide booklet are for educational use only.
It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
All rights reserved copyright©2012

I am an orthopedic surgeon and I am frequently involved in human sufferance.

I accept with enthusiasm !!!

I have gone through your booklet, “Suicide Prevention Guide Booklet”, that is very interesting, and
what is more, SIMPLE (it is very important to get a message in the simplest possible way), so it will work as a high-impact source of know-how to face possible suicidal.

Andrea E. Salvi – M.D.
"This small and seemingly simple book is actually loaded with great techniques, advice, and information that is seriously needed. I commend Matthew on all the great work he has done and continues to do with all those who can use it."
John La Valle - co-author of Persuasion Engineering®

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