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November 19, 2017

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Press Release

Las Vegas golf holiday turns into golf marathon raising funds for the BC Hospitality Foundation

Published on Thu, Mar 7, 2013 (11:37 a.m.)

March 8, 2013 (Las Vegas, Nevada) Four amateur golfers decided to make a difference with their vacation time. The BC Hospitality Foundation “Tip Out To Help’ Campaign intrigued them. The board members inspired them.

Jim Kennedy, Steve Zenone, Mike Bryant and Lyall May turned their golf holiday into a golf marathon, and invited people to “tip” them for every hole of golf they played. They decided that the week getaway could turn into 1100 holes of golf, maybe a few more, if they started at daybreak each day, and played a second round every afternoon, every day, for nine days, March 2 to 10, 2013.

Remember the saying, every penny counts? Versacold Transportation, where Zenone and Kennedy work, got involved vicariously with the golf marathon. Started with the office staff, where everyone reached into their pockets and tipped a couple pennies a hole ($20 or so). That penny or two a hole raised over $500.00.

Versacold Corporate heard about the marathon. Glen Slobodian and Bob Lewarne said “1100 holes of golf! In a week? That is more golf than we played all last year”. Versacold CEO, Joel Smith, agreed. Versacold head office pledged a dollar a hole. $1100.00.

Next, Versacold Derwent Transport, pledged 20 cents a hole. Not to be outdone, Versacold Derwent Warehouse, pledged 20 cents a hole. And, all of a sudden, a penny became two hundred thousand pennies, or over $2000.00 in tips. Tipping a colleague, raising funds for charity. Feels good.

Bing Smith, Chair, BC Hospitality Foundation, inspired the golf marathon with his own “Tip Out To Help” campaign last fall. Smith golfed 72 holes in one day, raising over $2000.00 himself. For this golf marathon, Smith tipped the GoGolf 4 BCHF foursome $110.00, a dime a hole, and said “These guys give 110 percent for the foundation, $110.00 seems fitting”.

Zenone went on to say “We loved our golf getaway, playing a round a day, the guys hanging out. But now, golfing never felt so good. We have the best time. The marathon makes the getaway special. The BC Hospitality Foundation helps people we know and work with.”

Playing golf, in March, in British Columbia, can be a bit wet and cold. But golfing in Las Vegas, in March, well – the sun and 20 degree weather makes it a bit easier to get up at 5:00 am every day, get organized, drive to the golf course, and tee off just after the sun comes up. In the desert, when the sun comes up, it is still a bit cool – about 8 to 10 degrees. But, that’s ok. Golfers on a mission, to raise money for the BC Hospitality Foundation, will golf in any weather.

The foursome pays all expenses themselves, ensuring that every cent raised goes to the foundation. The team used the money saved from the generous golf courses to “tip their own team”, adding another $600.00 to the pot.

Jim Bolla, Par 4 Golf Management, hosted the foursome on Primm Valley golf courses, Badlands Golf Club, and Silverstone Golf Club. Bolla said: “This is a good cause, supporting a great charity. For us to ensure the GoGolf 4 BCHF foursome gets the first tee time available, with a re-round in the afternoon, easy decision. When we heard the BC Hospitality Foundation helped a golf course employee, it made hosting the foursome a feel good business decision”.

Six other golf courses, including the OB Sports Management courses (Legacy Golf Club, Painted Desert Golf Club, The Chase at Coyote Springs), The Troon Course (Revere Golf Club), Las Vegas Paiute courses, and the TPC course, all helped out – first tee time of the day, and a second round early afternoon. Sixteen rounds of golf in the week – over 2500 swings of the club if you count 1 practice swing, and if they shoot a decent score. That’s a lot of golf.

Supporting this team, and the BC Hospitality Foundation, is easy. Donate online at, or call or email. To support the golf marathon, online, click on the team name – GoGolf 4 BCHF – and pledge or tip any amount. Tax receipts are issued.

The 2012 campaign Tip Out to Help Campaign raised over $100,000.00.

All of a sudden, “tipping” a few cents a hole added up. GoGolf 4 BCHF foursome have raised $3500.00 at time of press.

Golfing for tips – who knew what a difference a golf holiday could make.


For Further Information, please contact:
Dawn Donahue, Go Golf Events Management, [email protected],
Advisory Board Director, BCHF

Bing Smith, Chair, BC Hospitality Foundation, [email protected],

Alan Sacks, Executive Director, BC Hospitality Foundation,
[email protected] 604-984-8649

About the Foundation:

Hope. Opportunity. Inspiration.

The British Columbia Hospitality Foundation (BCHF) provides financial support for individuals within the hospitality community who are coping with extraordinary costs arising from a serious health crisis. The Foundation also awards scholarships and bursaries to students enrolled in hospitality programmes in BC.

Our vision is to be the industry’s charity of choice, providing financial support for individuals within the hospitality community who are coping with extraordinary costs arising from a serious health or medical crisis.

Our mission is to offer financial assistance, beyond traditional medical benefits and insurances, to individuals within the hospitality community in their times of critical health or medical need. As well, we are committed to supporting the industry’s next generation by providing scholarships and bursaries to selected students enrolled in hospitality and culinary programs at partner schools in BC.

Who We Are:
We are a group of people who work together to help our own within the hospitality community. Together with a number of dedicated volunteers and partners, we raise funds to provide our colleagues hope, inspiration, and a helping hand by providing support when they are coping with extraordinary costs arising from a serious health or medical crisis, and that cost is not covered by conventional medical plans, EI, or other insurances or benefit plans.

In addition, a portion of the funds we raise provides scholarships and bursaries to selected students enrolled in hospitality or culinary programmes at partner post-secondary schools within British Columbia.

Tip Out to Help Campaign:

The Tip Out To Help campaign gives every person in BC’s hospitality industry an opportunity to help the BCHF—to help themselves. Register yourself or a team right now and help raise funds to fill the world’s largest tip jar. By joining your colleagues, you’ll be able to help those in our industry who need it. Together, we can make a difference.

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