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January 20, 2018

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Press Release

New & Unique business in Clark County

Published on Tue, Jul 23, 2013 (1:12 p.m.)

     We would like to welcome to the Las Vegas area a new and unique business, SPARKLE GRILL CLEANING of Las Vegas, LLC. Sparkle Grill Cleaning is a much valued service where a team of two people come to your residence and thoroughly clean your BBQ.  They inspect the components and then clean your grill to a point that you probably haven't seen since it was new.  We spoke to Brian Wachter, the owner and manager of Sparkle Grill Cleaning in the Vegas area and he explains the value of caring for your grill. Brian says, "Grill cleaning is a service that is appreciated by all of our clients.  Our tag line says it all: 'Because you don't want to do it'.  A clean grill not only looks better, it is healthier because we remove not only the grease and other food deposits left behind, but we use special carbon removers as well.  Further, comprehensive grill cleaning prolongs the life of the grill by allowing it run at peak performance.  Since we dismantle much of the grill to reach areas most people don't even see, we include an inspection of the components for potential problems.  Common issues include clogged burners, rusted burner covers, non-functioning, push button igniters, and so on.  If we see an issue, it is reported to the owner and an option to purchase replacement parts along with a cost for the replacements are given.  Sometimes, we get lucky and save clients money.  Recently, a customer was considering a replacement for an aging higher-end grill.  After inspection and some research, I found that on his particular model, his damaged parts fell under a warranty he wasn't aware of.  We filed a claim on his behalf and got him $460 worth of repairs parts for under $90.  If he would have replaced his grill for an equivilent model, it would have cost him $1800!  Obviously we aren't always this fortunate, but these are things we look for.                                                                      
When asked about the competition, Brian says very confidently, "There is very little competition and we are fairly new to the area.  SPARKLE GRILL CLEANING is a very large company with facilities located in Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, and Nevada.  There are a few similar businesses in California, and an east coast company that sells business opportunities that claims a full cleaning for a very low cost.  Although everyone has their own take on cleaning a grill, I can honestly say we at SPARKLE GRILL use some of the best cleaning agents and tools, and we are some of the most meticulous cleaners around.  Further, some of the companies will only clean grills whereas we maintain and service them as well.  Some companies remove the grill and take them back to their facility to do the work.  SPARKLE GRILL performs all of the work right at the clients' home".  Another great thing about SPARKLE'S service is the client doesn't need to be home.  "There's nothing worse than waiting at home for the 'service guy' to eventually show up.  Most of our customers have better things to do. It is common that we show up, do the work, and leave without ever meeting the owner.  When we are finished, we email the invoice and pictures of the job to the client right from their home.  At that time, the client can call with credit card info or make payment arrangements".     We feel that the services SPARKLE GRILL perform is an asset to the residents of Clark County who enjoy grilling.  A point of interest is SPARKLE GRILL can also offer proposals to apartment and condo complexes to replace existing grills in their common areas.  SPARKLE GRILL is also referred by top grill and patio stores and installers for the maintenance, repair and cleaning of the grills they've sold in the past.                                                                                                      If you are in the market for a new grill to replace your old one or a comprehensive cleaning of your existing grill, call Brian for an honest answer about what can be done.  The call is free and the service SPARKLE GRILL offers is great.   Call Brian at 702-337-4872




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