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August 20, 2017

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Press Release

The Voice Comes to Vegas in August

Published on Tue, Jul 23, 2013 (9:37 p.m.)

We all know that term "The Voice" but, in Las Vegas, that can only mean one thing, Frank Sinatra. So when people started to call James Anthony "The Voice", those that didn't know him were a bit angry. After all, how dare people call anyone "The Voice" if it weren't Frank Sinatra; Right? Little did they know that once they heard James Anthony sing, then they understood why.

Recording artist Reno Bellamy, the host of the infamous "Reno's LV Roc N Sol All-Stars Band" states, "I've not heard anyone like James, his range and power are incredible, and his phrasing with the deep emotion in his voice, will bring you to tears. You have to see this cat 'cause this SOB can sing!" Reno goes on to say "We decided to invite James to our show and bring in the top casino entertainment directors, agents and management to see James perform. James is a professional and to come and perform with NO rehearsal with Big Band Swing music, that's tough".

I have read where James was indirectly struck by lightning while standing near a tree and to which caused temporary paralysis on his left side including his speech (River View Observer, New Jersey Newspaper by writer Sally Deering). James was hospitalized at the Orange Park Hospital in Orange Park, Florida in Fall of 2004 and began trying to sing Frank Sinatra after he received a CD as a gift from his family. During his recovery and hospital visits, James somehow obtained a serious staphylococcus bacterial blood infection and nearly died. After a year of healing to a full recovery, James continued singing and slowly became known for his uncanny similar sound and timing of Frank Sinatra.

The real surprise is that James Anthony Dempsey is from Las Vegas. His family moved here in 1968 when James was 8 years old. His Father, Jack Dempsey and Mother Mary along with James' Uncle, Dale Dempsey and Aunt Agatha became well known as they helped grow Vegas and worked their way to become bosses in various casinos until their retirement at the millennium year.

James graduated from Chaparral High and after high school, became a Navy man with Squadron VA-122, The Flying Eagles, A7 Corsairs only to return in 1982 and move away during the mid 80s residing in Washington DC.

James Anthony will be performing in Las Vegas and will be at Joey's Tavern at 7081 W Craig Rd on Saturday, August 31st around 9ish performing some of Frank Sinatra's top hits within his career.

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