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July 20, 2017

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Press Release

Second Dennis Hisardut (Survival) Ju-Jitsu USA Championship To Be Held In Las Vegas

Published on Fri, Nov 1, 2013 (2:40 p.m.)

LAS VEGAS – (Nov. 1, 2013) - The Center for Israeli Martial Arts is hosting the 2nd Dennis Hisardut (Survival) Ju-Jitsu USA Championship on November 10, 2013 at Congregation Ner Tamid, 55 Valle Verde Dr. in Henderson, Nevada. The tournament is being held for the first time in Las Vegas, and only second time in the U.S. Hisardut championships were held exclusively in Israel for more than 30 years. The event begins at 1 p.m. with an opening ceremony, followed by demonstrations; children’s competition at 2 p.m. and adult’s at 3 p.m. Demonstrations of the self-defense methods that are fundamental to Hisardut martial art will feature international champions.

“We’re honored to have with us from Israel Black Belt 7th DAN, Master Ran Steinberg. Instructors of his caliber rarely conduct demonstrations outside of Israel,” said Tomer Steinberg, owner and head instructor, Las Vegas’ Center for Israeli Martial Arts. “It’s a unique opportunity to learn from someone who has trained directly with the creator of the Hisardut system.” Ran has been a Dennis Hisardut instructor for more than 20 years; is a 12-times light and middle-weight champion of the Israel Dennis Hisardut Ju-Jitsu, and is a first place winner of the World Karate Grand Prix, Japan/2003. He has been a high ranking close combat instructor in the Israeli Defense Force training Special Forces units. Also in attendance will be Hezi Sheli, 4th DAN and head instructor with the Los Angeles Hisardut Center.

Dennis-Survival Ju-Jitsu is a martial art developed by Kaicho, Dr. Dennis Hanover of Israel. The development of this unique martial art, its practical self-defense applications and its proven success, caused the European Ju-Jitsu Union to recognize it as a new form of Ju-Jitsu. The discipline draws from the best of the martial arts, including Judo, Karate, Ju-Jitsu and other methods, to create a modern and effective approach to self-defense and martial arts training. The Israeli-based International Center of Self Defense for "Dennis Survival Ju-Jitsu" has world-wide branches where highly trained instructors teach the discipline’s defensive tactics to children and adults with specialized training provided for law enforcement and other first responders.

Las Vegas’ Center for Israeli Martial Arts is only the second approved Hisardut center in the United States. The Center is owned and operated by Hisardut 5th Black Belt Tomer Steinberg; the highest ranking Dennis Hisardut instructor in the U.S. Tomer also is a seven-time winner of the Open Israeli Full Contact Ju-Jitsu/Hisardut National Championships.

Unlike many forms of martial arts being mass marketed today, Dennis Hisardut Ju-Jitsu is more than just a system of punches, kicks, blocks and martial arts movements. Hisardut encompasses a daily living philosophy based on respect, discipline and self-knowledge including respect for God, the flag, parents, teachers, friends and oneself. Students learn to discover their hidden strengths, and to mold their character, leading to a lifetime of choices that present opportunities for growth.

For more information on the Dennis Hisardut Ju-Jitsu martial art discipline contact Tomer Steinberg at the Center for Israeli Martial Arts, 10880 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV, 89052 at 702-530-3755 or visit

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