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October 21, 2017

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Press Release

Detective Gordon Martines Announces Bid For Sheriff Of Clark County

Published on Tue, Nov 12, 2013 (6:54 p.m.)

With an iron will and an undaunted loyalty to the Oath of Law Enforcement and his community, Detective Gordon Martines, 62 yoa, with almost (4) decades (39 years) of actual hands-on police experience in a wide area of diversified Police Work, is throwing his hat into the political arena in hopes of becoming your next Sheriff of Clark County Nevada.

Detective Martines says, that he pledges the following achievable objectives and goals for his beloved police department and his community;

First and foremost, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights will be followed and adhered to with the utmost of enthusiasm by any/all employees of the police department.

Second, the Laws of the State of Nevada will be applied to all equally and fairly.

Third, the protection of individual rights will be applied equally, fairly and without any prejudice or discrimination while enforcing the Law.

Fourth, violation of civil rights and/or criminal acts committed, along with any associated conspirators, involving any employees of the police department, will be dealt with swiftly, severely and relentlessly according to the Law.

Fifth, the Oath of Law Enforcement along with each cherished and honored element, will be continually re-enforced to each and every member of the police department, along with a demand and adherence to its intrinsic meaning.

Det. Martines further says, the police department has fallen into a dismal, decaying, corrupted Abyss, by mismanagement, lack of morals and principles, greed, avarice, dishonesty, nepotism, and a hidden organized crime infiltration, that has slowly occurred over the years and has spread like a virus and cancer. The majority of the street cops are honorable Law Enforcement Officers, but they are battling the criminal element on two fronts, behind and in front, and no matter who you are, operating in those kind of conditions will take it’s toll and can’t help but demoralize and corrupt any organization.

You must put a real cop at the top. There is just no other way. Unless you have walked a mile in those shoes, you will never understand fully what legitimate, honorable and ethical Law Enforcement really is and how it should be equally applied to work for the betterment of the community.

Det. Martines says, his definition of “Experience” is quite simplistic in that “Experience is knowing a lot of things you shouldn’t do.”

Det. Martines’s definition of “Policing with Ethics” is also simple to understand when you put the words “Policing” and “Ethics” together you get the following phrase; “To make clean and put in order a set of moral principles or values.”

Det. Martines says, the character of a person is measured by his actions and deeds and not necessarily by his/her words alone. A person’s accurate and transparent history defines and lays the foundation of who and what that person really is today, and exposes the true value of his character and worthiness.

If you want and appreciate “Policing with Ethics” in our community, and a strict adherence to the Law, Justice, and the value of a single human life, then your vote is essential and much needed for Detective Gordon Martines to become your next Sheriff of Clark County Nevada.

Gordon Martines

For more information on Gordon Martines and his campaign for Clark County Sheriff visit The campaign Facebook page can be found at

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