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January 18, 2018

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Press Release

Lets Stop bullying

Published on Sun, Jan 12, 2014 (4:43 p.m.)

Open Your Ears: Bullying and Cyber Bulling Needs to Stop Now
In today’s society, this world is full of cruel natives. Believe it or not, there have been 48 states that are pending of voting that there should be strict anti-bullying laws. This law could be a benefit and make a change.
Most of the bullying is usually physical or online by peers. There have been suicides and more enraging stories. I think its absurd how a teenager, or possibly younger, that has so much control to demolish another peers life. It creates so much weakness to the individual that is being bullied to. For kids or teens, it’s hard to talk to a parent because parents don’t understand what they are feeling. As Kathy Saunders said, “There must be a power imbalance.” Being bullied can make you feel depressed, unloved, lonely, numb, your mind becomes dark, and feel like giving up on everything. Nothing becomes important to you anymore. I have been bullied before and I truly felt like picking up a boulder and dropping it on my heart because I was tired of feeling pain. All I wanted was my soul to be strong and in high spirits. Once I heard a bully say to me, “Don’t be a bone head” or “Do you belong on a lonely island?” and laughed at me. I believe cyber-bullying is far stronger than physical bullying because you could say anything you want to without anyone listening to the person that is being bullied. A woman named Rosas that saved a 16 year-old girl that overdosed herself with pills. Rosas said, “She is worth every effort to save in life.”
“If they really knew all of those things that you do in your room to hide the pain, they would change.” But why do you have to make yourself feel pain to get attention, and make people notice? That is one thing I don’t understand about the society. Some people don’t realize that bullying and cyber-bullying is a big deal.

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