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September 21, 2017

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Press Release

'Hip Hop Urbano Summit' Hits Las Vegas April 1

Published on Tue, Mar 18, 2014 (7:52 p.m.)

With all genres of music, when introduced it always takes a few years if not longer, to get heard by the masses and eventually become the norm which is the eventual mainstream on our local radio stations and in the streets. With Latin Hip Hop, Reggaetón and Bachata down to Christian Rap they all have become part of our culture. As we make a decision to come together to put forth the new initiative of the Hip Hop Urbano Summit, it gives us all the opportunity to once again congregate and discuss how we can learn and feed off each other to better our musical future. Other conferences have come before us and did help bridge the gap during the past decade but not one has come forward to unite everyone for the interest of building the foundation and structure for the next generation!!

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