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September 19, 2017

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Press Release

Relentless innovation coming to Las Vegas

Published on Tue, Mar 18, 2014 (9:49 p.m.)

The Nightclub and Bar Tradeshow is upon us, commencing on March 24th. This is a time where companies and startups alike flock to Las Vegas. Offering an escape from the subzero temperatures is a nice perk alone, yet many startups have bigger ambitions in mind.

BoothPass, a notable Canadian startup that offers nightclubs the ability to accept online bookings, run auctions for reservations and split the costs with friends is one of the many.

"Nightlife innovation is non-existent, over the last year we have been learning about nightlife problems from Toronto to Shanghai and in-between and will relentlessly pursue solutions." says Kyle Collier, BoothPass Co-Founder & CEO.

Being a nice Canadian and all, he decided to share a few tips on startups and innovation:

1. Don't do what everyone else is doing - you need a differentiator, a patent or something new.

2. Focus on your customers problems and validate them with the customers themselves.

3. Build something that either saves time, increases revenue, enhances a customer experience, or reduces friction.

4. You get extra brownie points if you can provide additional revenue streams to the customer.

5. Provide constructive, concise data, not "Big Data".

6. Have an international strategy early on, it gives you a bigger mission.

7. Don't close yourself off to possibilities, don't "Laser Focus" to the point you get tunnel vision.

8. Don't get comfortable

Our company thrives by this an entertaining rhyme and it will also be my closing remark.

"Treat every day as though it is your businesses last one, yet plan as though you have 1000 days to come."

Viva Las Vegas.

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