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January 19, 2018

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Press Release

Wizzcom 3D Productions Unveils 3D Imaging & Monitors Without Glasses At The NBS

Published on Thu, Mar 20, 2014 (10:42 a.m.)

WizzCom offer’s Computer Generated as well as Live action stereoscopic 3D film productions (with glasses) and the latest auto-stereoscopic 3D film production (without glasses).
Furthermore, WizzCom offers state-of-the-art software for visualization of volumetric data (MRI/CAT etc.) for the medical, geophysical arenas etc. Thanks to our Research and Development efforts and our close cooperation with specialized strategic partners in the stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic industry, WizzCom can today offer the latest technologies to be used for visualization of information, film and images in any business and market arena.
WizzCom produce’s content for a variety of fields such as:
• Marketing
• Training & education
• Corporate presentations
• Technical and medical applications, etc.

We are a full-service provider in the dimensional world, and pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality and results for the benefit of our clients.
WizzCom also offers its clients the latest hardware technology for displaying stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic content, TV monitors, projectors, screens, workstations etc.
We are a licensed distributor of the ASM 100, the brand-new auto-stereoscopic TV monitor, allowing viewers to enjoy real 3D without need for glasses. The ASM 100 and its patented technology is expected to revolutionize the Digital Signage market in the years to come.
Whatever service you choose from WizzCom, we guarantee to offer the most advanced 3D technology available. The historical problems with watching 3D (headache and dizziness) are in the past and you will now be able to enjoy the 3D images to its fullest capacity!

All kinds of information on any product, subject matter or business, becomes easier to communicate in a S3D Environment, i.e. makes your message easier to understand and retain. The S3D technology opens up revolutionary ways and methods for presenting all kinds of information and advertising material. This technology will allow you to give your audience a virtual tour inside your product, immersing them in your products features and benefits like never before. From the largest piece of equipment to the smallest computer chip, S3D can demonstrate the features and benefits of any product in an

• Movie and TV commercials
• Trade Show & Show Room presentations
• Events
• Product presentations for Retail Shops, Casinos, Restaurants, Bar, & Night Clubs etc.

Business ~ Economical ~ Statistics ~ Technical ~ Medical ~ Architectural Design

• Immediately distinguish your message from the competition.
• AS3D delivers a faster and better understanding of your message.
• Your message will be easier to retain and remember.
• Boosts your corporate image.
• Architecture design.

The effectiveness of learning in S3D, compared to 2D and other traditional forms of learning has been proven in many studies. By experiencing and viewing subject matters in a S3D environment, the human brain is able to understand and retain both simple and complex information more effectively and faster. Educational lessons, training and simulation programs, public information and tutoring in museums, exhibitions etc., are some of the many areas where S3D visualization is a powerful and effective tool.

WizzCom 3D Productions, has opened an office and showroom here in Las Vegas, NV at 7345 S. Pecos Rd, Suite 102, Las Vegas, NV 89120
If you would like more information about this WizzCom 3D Productions, please contact Paul E. Clarkat (702) 804-0021 or email at [email protected]

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