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July 22, 2017

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Press Release

New Teen Support Group Started by Fibromyalgia Friends Support Group of Southern Nevada

Published on Tue, Jun 10, 2014 (7:07 p.m.)

New Teen Support Group Started by Fibromyalgia Friends Support Group of Southern Nevada


Contact: Kathy Castanon Co-Leader /Meeting Coordinator
[email protected]
or Erica Corrado, Teen Group Coordinator
(702) 756-6061

May 22, 2014---The Fibromyalgia Friends Support Group of Southern Nevada recently announced the initiation of a Teen Program to educate and provide support for middle, high school and college aged teens that have Fibromyalgia (FM). The program takes place monthly, using Google Hangouts, giving the teens the ability to see all the people in the meeting on their computer even if they are not local.
Many teens’ illnesses are detectable by a doctor, like strep throat, ear infections etc., but when they are chronically fatigued, achy, and having difficulty sleeping, etc. it is very hard to diagnose. Fibromyalgia was once thought to be primarily a disorder of muscles and fibers in the body, but in the past 10 years or so, researchers have made large strides in understanding the cause. It is now believed to be a disorder in the nerves, spinal cord, and central nervous system. The condition is more prominent in adults but is active in a small percentage of teens that have many issues that need to be addressed.
“Our group presently supports only adults, mostly women that are suffering from fibromyalgia. But many teens and young adults are also afflicted. We can assist by educating them and providing resources for them to help them manage their pain,” comments Kathy Castañón, Co-Leader and Meeting Coordinator.
Fibromyalgia may overlap with other health conditions such as psychological, biochemical, immune and endocrine problems. Many teens complain of soreness and tenderness of the muscles as well as fatigue, anxiety/depression, stomach ache, headaches, dizziness, problems sleeping or waking up, and memory problems. “These affected teens in Nevada deserve to know that they have something that is real and can be debilitating to their lives,” commented Erica Corrado, Teen Group Coordinator for the Fibromyalgia Friends Support Group explained. She continued by saying, “We want to be a resource for these individuals to help them manage their daily lives. I am a new addition to the group who has been suffering from FM since I was 20 and never knew it. I would like to see many teens join so that they can be educated on what is going on in their bodies as well as how to handle it with support from our organization.”
When a teen or adult has Fibromyalgia, it may seem like it is in their “heads” or they are imagining the pain. It is not the imagination at work, but has been said to be the fault of brain signals. Many studies and resources have linked FM to the fault of the central nervous system processing pain—it processes pain signals abnormally. “The condition will cause chronic muscle pain, aches in the ligaments and tendons, mild aches to stabbing or burning in the muscles, in addition to chronic fatigue,” expressed Castañón.
It is hard enough being a teenager dealing with all the stresses of school, peer pressure and life in general. Being a teen and having FM is doubly difficult. The FMS Friends Support Group, a non-profit organization, was set up in 1996 in Henderson, Nevada. Its goal is for members to regain their health, self-esteem, dignity and have hope for the future. The FMS group welcomes all Nevada teens to join, as well as any adults that would like to come to our events and meetings. * (For medical advice, please consult your healthcare provider.)

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