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November 24, 2017

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Press Release

Be glad you can read this, it’s Cataract Awareness Month

Published on Mon, Jun 23, 2014 (3:47 p.m.)

Ophthalmologists at the renowned Shepherd Eye Center share tips and services to increase awareness during Cataract Awareness Month. Dr. John R. Shepherd, founder of Shepherd Eye Center, is well-known for pioneering new techniques and instrumentation that improved the way cataract surgery is performed around the world. Cataract surgery at Shepherd Eye Center has evolved over the years into a “no shot, no stitch, no patch” procedure. Shepherd Eye Center in Las Vegas performs the most cataract surgeries in the state of Nevada.

“Cataracts are a normal part of life, not an eye disease, and need to be addressed. There are easy daily preventative measures that everyone can take to help prolong cataract development,” says Shepherd.

A cataract is the clouding of your eyes’ naturally clear lens. As we age, cataracts form in the natural lens. Cataracts are not an eye disease, but can sometimes develop from eye injuries, certain diseases, medications or long-term exposure to sun. Signs of cataracts include cloudy vision, blurriness, halos around lights, sensitivity to glare, double vision and age. While cataracts cannot be prevented, development can be delayed by protecting your eyes from the sun, eating a diet rich in fatty acids including fish, avocado and nuts, maintaining vitamin C levels, not smoking and controlling blood sugar if you have diabetes. Cataract treatment includes outpatient surgical removal and lens replacements.

Specializing in infant through adult vision care, Shepherd Eye Center ophthalmologists treat eye conditions, eye diseases, and perform advanced surgical procedures including cataract surgery and laser vision correction. Founded in 1968, Shepherd Eye Center is Las Vegas’ top choice for comprehensive vision care.

About the Shepherd Eye Center
The Shepherd Eye Center was founded in 1968 by Dr. John R. Shepherd who pioneered new techniques that improved the way cataract surgery is performed around the globe. Shepherd Eye Center is nationally recognized for excellence and advancement in eye care and eye surgery. We provide a wide range of services including general ophthalmology, vision correction and specialized treatments for glaucoma, cataracts, lens implants, pediatric services and cosmetic services. Our team of trusted ophthalmologists provides unparalleled vision care using the latest medical techniques, surgeries and the most sophisticated technology. Shepherd Eye Center has four convenient locations in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Southwest and Green Valley. Shepherd Eye Surgicenter is state licensed, Medicare-approved, and accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care Industry. To learn more please visit or call (702) 731-2088.

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