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November 24, 2017

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Press Release

Local Air Force Captain Wins Field Gun Crew Trophy in England

Published on Thu, Jun 26, 2014 (8:27 a.m.)

U.S. Air Force officer Capt. William Rosado, a native of Las Vegas, Nevada, who is stationed at NATO Joint Forces Command (JFC) in Naples, Italy, competed in the annual Brickwoods Field Gun Competition near Portsmouth, England on May 31, 2014.
The Brickswood Field Gun Competition is a sport that combines strength, determination, cooperation and significant personal courage, all traits appreciated in the NATO alliance, into a spectacular race.
The race has roots in the Boer War when a Royal Navy infantry brigade literally dragged six huge field guns across 100 miles of hostile territory to fire upon and defeat the enemy during the siege of Ladysmith in South Africa some 105 years ago.
This year, The Field Gun competition featured 20 crews from across the United Kingdom, Gibraltar and Naples, Italy. Race teams of 18 personnel, competing for the coveted Brickwoods Trophy, maneuver an 1800-pound field gun and limber around a timed circuit with absolute precision.
Rosado, who is new to the Naples area, was searching for a challenge and a team to be a part of.
“At my last base, Hanscom Air Force Base near Boston, MA, I was a certified CrossFit instructor at our base gym for military, civilian, and dependents,” said Rosado. “We had a solid group of instructors and personnel who attended classes and we were a team. When I arrived here I missed that and was seeking out an opportunity to be a part of something.”
His opportunity arose when he discovered the Field Gun Crew.
“The first day I saw the Field Gun Crew training in the gym as a group, before the Gun arrived, I wondered who they were and what they were all about,” said Rosado. “I joined for the teamwork aspect and the hard work and once I got my first experience of working on the Gun… I was hooked.”
Through sheer hard work, complete commitment and gritty determination they built a unique international Field Gun Team who were to represent NATO, eight nations and 12 different armed services at the Royal Navy Royal Marines Field Gun Competition.
The crew, comprising of 28 personnel departed for the United Kingdom May 22, 2014. For many on the team, it would be their first taste of competition.
“The event itself, including the run-up of endurance training and then 8 weeks of work with the gun, is absolutely worth it,” said Rosado. “The entire purpose of the competition is individual discipline which enables excellence as a team. It is a truly military sport at heart and re-emphasizes what we learn (whether UK, French, Spanish, German, American, Italian,) as newly inducted military members, you have to ensure your ‘drill’ is perfect to support those around you and the team as a whole.”
The NATO team is the first international team in the history of the competition to win the plate 2 final.
“Being a part of the Field Gun Crew and getting to compete in Portsmouth, UK was an unexpected privilege as an American and newcomer to the Joint Forces NATO headquarters in Naples, Italy,” said Rosado. “The competition week, including the 5 days of pre-competition training we did, was one of the most grueling things I’ve done physically in a very long time and has a spot up there with a few rough weeks in basic training and a few wrestling camps I remember going to.”
JFC Naples was the first international team in the history of the competition to win the Plate two final, all while taking home the Number One Trainer Award.
“In the end all of our hard work paid off and the JFC Naples Field Gun Crew did better than they’ve ever done before and being a part of it for the competition was extremely rewarding,” said Rosaldo.

Capt. William Rosado was born and raised in Las Vegas and proud graduate of the Aerospace and Aviation program at Rancho High School. Father and Mother, Bill and Reenie, are active in the Las Vegas community with their business ManagedPay, church, and supporting local athletes. Brother Matthew, a graduate of Eldorado High School, is working on a degree in Culinary Arts at the College of Southern Nevada.

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