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September 19, 2019

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Criss Angel Mindfreak Season Two

21 - Building Float

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Criss takes Mindfreak Season 1's highly rated levitation episode and lifts it beyond comprehension...

as he will hopefully float safely from one tall building to another, in front of a random crowd in the middle of the day. This unique demonstration was inspired by the urban legend of DD Home, a Scotsman known for his spectacular levitations in the early 1800's. Criss also demonstrates an amazing light bulb float using kinetic energy, lifts a youngster off a parking lot pavement by sticking his hand to her head, and harnesses the power of static electricity among a crowd to levitate off the ground in the middle of a park.

22 - Walk on Water

Criss performs his most talked about demonstration featured on his guest star appearance on the hit NBC TV show Las Vegas.

Although his network TV water walk was only seconds, now he will attempt it in one continuous shot across an entire pool while skeptics swim below and around him. Criss' also brings a mannequin to life and introduces some new Mindfreaks that will blow your mind. Special guest: Lance Burton.

23 - Vanish

The art of magic has included disappearing acts for centuries.

In this episode, Criss attempts his own incredible take on this illusion: to vanish a spectator surrounded 360 degrees by thousands of witnesses in broad daylight, in the middle of Las Vegas' Fremont Street.

24 - Easy Rider

Criss unveils the ultimate Mindfreak OCC Chopper and leads the crew on a wild magic filled ride...

culminating in the hair-raising "Death Trap" exhibition. In front of thousands, Criss pays homage to legendary stunt artist, Steve Baker, as he is suspended, chained and sealed inside a wooden box filled with more than ten rounds of explosives. Criss must escape before a stunt car rams into him in front of the huge crowd. Special guests: Amazing Johnathan, Steve Baker.

25 - Party

Get ready for an illusion filled, night on the town with Criss Angel, "Mindfreak style" in celebration of a cast members 21st birthday!

From the chauffeured Escalades to the VIP section of some of Vegas' hottest nightclubs, Criss and crew put incredible magic and insane illusions, into Sin City's nightlife scene. Criss also teaches how to create your own Mindfreak at home and puts his hand right through a passerby.

26 - Animal Magic

Criss and the Mindfreak team pay tribute to the legendary careers of Siegfried and Roy as Criss performs some amazing animal demonstrations.

From making a 4 1/2-ton Asian elephant vanish in the middle of the street surrounded by spectators, to a special magic performance for monkeys, this episode also features pigeons, trained cockroaches and a few human guests.

27 - In Two

Cutting people in half has been synonymous with the act of magic throughout the course of history.

Now for the first time ever, Criss demonstrates his incomparable version, without the use of covers, boxes, or trick clothes of any kind. You will not believe your eyes as Criss explores the history and variety of extremity separations.

28 - Bike Jump Vanish

As a longtime fan of motorcycle jump legend Evel Knieval, Criss attempts his first monumental jump.

He trains with champion aerialist and world record jump holder, Trigger Gunn. Criss will hit an 60-foot long, 20-foot high ramp at 50 mph, if brothers Costa and JD don't stop him first. What happens next is either disaster or the ultimate Mindfreak! Special guests: Trigger Gunn, Carey Hart, Ice Cube.

29 - Celebrity Minds

Criss uses hypnosis techniques to drop entire crowds of people to the ground...

before putting an entire restaurant's patrons and staff under his control. His ability to read the minds of some well-known surprise celebrity guests including: Ice Cube, Vince Neil, Mark McGrath and Robin Leach, will equally astound. This episode is chock full of Mindfreaks. Special guests: Ice Cube, Vince Neil, Mark McGrath and Robin Leach.

30 - Celebrity Seance

Criss Angel invites you to join celebrity friends including Crossing Jordan's Steve Valentine...

singer/songwriter Deborah Gibson and Oscar winning musical group Three Six Mafia, for the most insane séance ever conducted. This episode proves once and for all whether the living can communicate with the dead. Five brave souls will spend a night in one of the most haunted places in America, the Armagosa Hotel in Death Valley, known for paranormal activity as Criss tries to connect with forces beyond our comprehension. Which celebrities will remain in the house? Special guests: Steve Valentine, Deborah Gibson, Three Six Mafia and others.

31 - Metamorphosis

On Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Criss performs one of his signature demonstrations:

the fastest Metamorphosis ever attempted in front of thousands of spectators. There are no curtains or covers, just an almost deadly wall of fire. Criss also receives the prestigious "Magician of the Year" Award for the third time!

32 - Motorcycle Roulette

Criss takes it underground in Long Island, New York and shares his passion for motorcycle trick riding...

with a crew of extreme riders who execute the craziest stunts on two wheels, and sometimes just one. Criss ups the ante when he makes a motorcycle vanish and reappear from nowhere, drives blind and demonstrates a fresh style of riding sure to astonish.

33 - Back to School

Criss heads back to his Long Island home turf to visit some of his favorite haunts and neighborhood high schools.

From the cafeteria to the football field, Criss freaks out the students and teachers and shows how to Mindfreak your friends.

34 - Prophecy

Criss stops his pulse and vital signs in five body locations in front of a certified medical staff... and in front of thousands of spectators, and predicts the outcome of a motor speedway race. Criss also waits tables and does close up magic in his favorite hometown diner.

35 - Chad's Story

Criss responds to an emotional letter from a young magician who battled leukemia only to lose his Dad to brain cancer.

Criss helps Chad Juros achieve his dream of performing as a Las Vegas headliner. Criss also attempts a daring crate escape suspended high above Times Square, NY. Guest stars, Lance Burton, Chad Juros.

36 - Miltary Salute

Criss makes a Hummer appear from nowhere, as he visits Vandenburg Airbase in tribute to our men and women in uniform.

This episode features mentalism, slight of hand and grand illusions. Criss tries to guess a soldier's secret card by shooting it out of mid-air with a 9mm handgun. Criss produces a special surprise guest from an empty duffle bag in front of hundreds of airmen.

37 - Straitjacket Keelhaul

Towed through the ocean by his ankles off the coast of the Riviera Maya, Mexico...

completely bound in a straitjacket, Criss attempts to survive being drowned alive in the most insane escape imaginable. Plus many more completely "loco" Mindfreaks!

38 - Shark Cage Escape

From Cozumel, Mexico, shackled, handcuffed and locked in a 3 foot by 3 foot 300 lb. steel cage...

Criss is pushed overboard and sunk to the bottom of the sea in swift currents and must escape from the ocean floor with but one breath in one continuous shot. Plus many more Mindfreak's that are completely "loco"!

39 - Magician of the Year

Criss Angel surprises his magic team with a trip to Los Angeles, to help him accept the prestigious Magician of the Year Award.

Other highlights include Criss performing a mind-blowing demonstration for the Oscar winning R&B group Three 6 Mafia, followed by the ultimate feat in mentalism: a pre-recorded DVD prediction that will leave the magic community floored. Criss also provides a sneak peak of his highly anticipated music video MF2. Special appearances by Three 6 Mafia, Amazing Johnathan, Penn & Teller, Sully Erna and Shannon Larkin of Godsmack, Nuno Bettencourt and Vince Neil.

40 - My Secret Cabaret

Shot in the Palace Showroom of the Magic Castle, this episode climaxes with Criss stopping his pulse in five places while being monitored by a team of medical experts.

Jonathan Davis of KORN gives Criss an unforgettable surprise in Los Angeles, California. Other highlights include never before seen bloopers and footage of Criss performing as a teenager.