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Matt Hufman

Groom Lake Road, shown on Sept. 16, 2013, leads off of Highway 375 leads to Area 51, the federal government’s secret base.

Day 2, Nevada Heartland, midday update

We stopped in Rachel for lunch. Yes, the Little A’Le’Inn. Cliched? Perhaps. But it’s about the only place to stop in this area.

So far today, we’ve seen a bit of Alamo and everything between there and Rachel. We stopped at the Alien Research Center in Crystal Springs and were terribly disappointed – it was closed! Do aliens take days off? I don’t think so. The only one around was a massive silver alien statue that stands outside the building. (It declined interview requests.)

The folks at the Little A’Le’Inn have been razzing us for one thing or another because we’re journalists, but I was proudly shown a copy of the Sun. The copy, which someone brought by, had a New York Times’ story about the federal government’s acknowledgment of Area 51 and, of course, featured Rachel, the town closest to the site.

To answer one reader’s inquiry, there is little to no traffic – human or otherwise. Except for cows. In the almanac entry on Rachel, I note that a close-encounter with the bovine kind is possible. We had one – not long after we left Groom Lake Road. Coincidence? I think not.

The cow crossed safely, and all is well in its universe.

One last thought: Forget aliens. (Although, as Mike points out, there is a saucer hanging from the back of a vintage 1950s tow truck.) The beauty of the land is worth the ride alone. It is an incredible time of year to see this area and when we can post photos, we will.

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